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Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

What is acne?
Acne is an infection of oil glands. Accordingly, blockage occurs. Pimples, blackheads and red cysts which are filled with pus are various types of acne.

What is laser acne treatment?

Bacteria which cause acne are susceptible to 400-980 wave length. With an I PULSE and GEMINI treatments including this wave length, successful results are obtained. Â

Is skin care or peeling applied on skin with acne?

Those kinds of skins with acne should be cared after the steps where rushes related to infection, postulation and black head formation are already treated. The skin with acne should not be cared and peeling and squeezing pimples should be avoided.

Are there any other effects of laser acne treatment?
Removing acne and acne blushes with I PULSE and GEMINI treatment, discoloring skin scars by stimulating production of collagen and removing dents and exanthemas are the positive effects of this treatment.

How much time does the sessions take? How many session do I need? Is it painful?

The sessions take approximately 15-20 min. The best results are usually obtained after the 4th session. According to the acne type, number of sessions can be augmented up to 8-10. It is painless. It does not need local anesthesia.
What is its advantage over other treatments?

Since this treatment do not have any side effects, it should be preferred before medication. It refreshes the skin by treating old scars caused by acne and it stimulates the defense system. It gives a fresh, alive and sparkling look.
What should I pay attention during the treatment?

It is very important to obey the basic cleaning rules. Hands and hair should be washed frequently and they shouldnt touch the face. Acnes shouldnt be scratched, squeezed or pulled. Fatty food shouldnt be consumed and stress relieving programs should be followed.


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