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Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture treatments are applied with the following techniques:

*Needle Acupuncture (With sterilized gold, silver and steel needles)
*Laser Acupuncture (Infrared Laser and Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide Laser)
*Electro-Stimulation Acupuncture (By applying electric current in appropriate voltages to the spots)
*Magnetic Acupuncture (By giving magnetic electric current signal to the spots)

The needles that we use are approved by FDA and they are sterilized by keeping them in dry air sterilizer in 170° for 1 hour after cleaning and drying them since they are kept in %70 alcohol for 48 hours. The needles are put in steel covered box as they will be ready for use after being sterilized.

In our clinic, following treatments can be implemented which World Health Organization approved:

*Infertility (As a supporting treatment to medicine treatment)
*Pregnancy nausea and vomiting (Hyperemesis gravidarum)
*Craving for food in pregnancy
*Menstrual irregularity (if not caused by cist, tumor etc.)
*Sexual impotence
*Sexual frigidity
*Test anxiety
*Attention deficit
*Migraine (if not caused by aneurysm, cist, tumor etc.)
*Trigeminal neuralgia
*Facial palsy (if not caused by cist, tumor etc.)
*Vertigo (if not caused by cist, tumor etc.)
*Muscle tension - headache - small and medium joint arthritis
*Herniated disc and cervical disc hernia (if not needed surgery)
*Soft tissue trauma
*Bed wetting
*Heel spur (if not needed surgery)
*Asthma bronchial - allergic rhinitis
*Allergic skin diseases
*Cutaneous disease
*Anxiety and mental stress
*Sleep disorders
*Causeless fear
*Acute sinusitis
*Smoke addiction


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