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Bio Cavitation

Bio Cavitation

What is Bio Cavitation?

It is a safe and effective shaping device with high technology and also a non-invasive method. While destroying fat cells on the area with low frequency ultrasound waves, it does not give harm to other organ and tissues. It reaches the depth only by destroying fat cells. Released fat from the destroyed fat cells are eliminated metabolically and physically. Results of bio cavitation are proved scientifically.

What are the effective results of bio cavitation?

In measurements after each application, followings are provided:

*Thinning in fatty tissue,
*Thinning in body area.

Thinning between 2 and 8 cm is obtained in the application area in every session. This thinning depends on fatty tissue, patient and fat-free diet should be applied after the application.

What is the mechanism of action of bio cavitation?

Bio cavitation destroys fat cells by using low frequency ultrasound technology. Membranes of the fat cells are very easily destroyable. Occurring bubbles by ultrasound waves destroy cell membranes lightly. Bubbles also provide destruction of cell membranes by using positive and negative energy. As a result, bio cavitation which is produced with ultrasonic energy destroys cell membranes and decreases the number of fat cells.

Special ultrasound or acoustical sound waves given in low frequency in bio cavitation show their effects by providing resolution of the fat cells on the area and thinning of the tissue.

How is bio cavitation performed?

It has a special, painless and needleless probe. Comfort is maximized.

None of the nonsurgical system or method will not create the effect of directly removing fatty tissue from the area. However, destruction of the fat cells begins with bio cavitation and they are transformed into independent fat acids; therefore, they become disposable by you. In other words, measurements of the patients are recorded before the application and after the application. The difference is very pleasing.

What are the things that should be done after the application?

In this treatment which a patient can have 5 sessions with 10 days of intervals, there is a 5 days of diet program which the patient should be following and given by the doctor.

Having no weight loss without diet and miracle machines and systems is a fact that every people can think about. However, you should be following the 5 days of fat-free diet to waste independent fat acids which are increased by bio cavitation because transforming fat into energy is provided with bio cavitation.

Weight loss should not be limited with reducing fat cells or thinning the tissue. To have a thin shade, skin elasticity should be regained. The reason why a person with same weight, same height, same age and same gender looking thinner than you is nothing else but tighten skin.

Does bio cavitation have an effect on sagging while losing weight?

It increases skin elasticity. Therefore, it is also effective on sagging.


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