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Blemish Treatments with Laser

Blemish Treatments with Laser

Blemish and Pigment Treatment
Many medical and surgical methods have been tried to treat stains. However, stain treatment with laser outclassed among the esthetic and cosmetic treatments with regards to both treatment success and not causing new complication. Stains on skin are the most popular cosmetic problems. The most important reason is the sun. Besides sun, aging, pregnancy, medicines and some creams can cause stains. Peeling and some wizening creams are also used in stain treatment. However, the laser treatment gives the most effective and fast results. Today, the most active and new technology is Lumenis and Gemini Laser and I Pulse IPL system. This system, which has approvals from American FDA and European CE, provides the stains to be removed from the skin and makes it look brighter and clearer.

Frequently Asked Questions related with stain treatment

Can I obtain absolute result? The results may change according to the skin type and the method applied. Removing the stain rate is about %75-90. Skin-deep stains are completely removed after the treatment.

On which parts are the best results obtained?

Stain treatment with laser gives good results on every part of the body. Especially, sun and age stains which cause cosmetic problems are treated perfectly.

Can I get rid of sun spots?

Darker sun spots are easier to treat. They can be removed completely after a couple of sessions.

Are pregnancy stains removed?

Pregnancy stains are one of the hardest ones to treat. Skin-deep ones respond to peeling and cream treatments well. For deep pregnancy stains, Lumenis system is used lately. Obtained results are quite successful.

Does skin tone affect the result?

Yes. More successful results are obtained with light skins. Stain treatment is more difficult with darker skin.

How many session does the treatment last?

It is very important on which layer the stains are. Therefore, skin-deep stains are mostly treated in 2-3 sessions. However, to treat deeper stains can last 3-4 sessions. The average sessions are 2-4. The intervals are 2-4 weeks.

When do I see the results?

The results are seen after the very first session.

What are the important things that I have to pay attention on during the treatment?

The most important thing is to avoid sun. It is a must to use high factorized sun creams during the treatment.

What are the advantages of stain treatment with laser?

Stains are removed in a short time,
Patient tolerance is very easy during the treatment,
There is no need for anesthesia,
Social and business life is not limited after the treatment,
There is no risk of infection after the treatment.

Do stains reappear again after the treatment?

Stain can reappear on the same spot after the laser treatment as it is with all stain treatments. However the key point is laser treatment decreases the possibility of reappearing of stains compared to other treatments.

Which stains can be treated with laser?

Sun spots,
Stains caused by cosmetic products (berlock dermatiti),
Aging stains,
Freckles (lentigo),
Deep stains (nevus),
Pregnancy stains (melisma).

Can every laser be used on every stain treatment?

No, they cannot be used on every treatment. A laser which will be used on stain treatment should involve the energy sensitive to melanocytes or should be able to peel the skin as to remove the layer which cause stains.

What are the lasers used in stain treatment?

Most successful laser group in stain treatment: Lumenis One Laser, Gemini Laser, I Pulse IPL.

Are other methods besides laser successful on stain treatment?

After a specialist examined the stains, special peeling mixtures, Ultrapeel Microdermabrasion and pigmentation creams are used. Such treatments give results only on new and skin-deep stains in 6 or 8 sessions. However, all these treatments should be implemented under control of specialists after a professional examination.

Can I get an absolute result with Lumenis and Gemini laser treatment?

The results of the stain treatment changes according to the skin type of the patient and applied method. Lumenis laser treatment gives the most effective and quickest results. Even, one session is enough to remove freckles called Efelid and skin-deep lesions with Lumenis laser.

Can I get rid of stains completely?

To treat darker stains is easier. In a couple of sessions, their color become significantly lightened. To have light-colored skin is another advantage. The more skin-deep stains, the better response is obtained from the treatment. Whereas, sun and aging stains respond quickly, pregnancy stains are more resistant. However, these stains can be removed in 4-6 sessions with Lumenis laser as well.

What are the side effects of this treatment?

The color of the stain becomes darker and there may be seen crusting on the stain. The lightening is seen in 7 or 10 days on the application spot. A few sessions may be needed according to the stain type.


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