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What is Carboxytherapy?
It is based on the injection of pure, sterilized, filtered carbondioxide gas with a specific heat, pressure and speed into the problematic parts of the subcutaneous by micro particularly and periodically.

What kind of effects does Carboxytherapy have? What does it do?

1- Microtrauma effect: This effect stimulates cells called fibroblast which we want them to reproduce. The result is the tensioning - tonification - by stimulating tissues called elastin and collagen which provides subcutaneous elasticity and tensioning. It also makes the view of bad cellulite called fibrosis cellulite smoother.
2- Micro-angiogenesis effect: This term means new vein production. New vein production on the part given carbondioxide and transmitting more oxygen, making more tissue recovery factors reach that part, easier removing metabolic wastes from that part are provided. As a result of these mentioned above, Oxygenation, Detoxification, Drainage, Lipolytic effect are provided on the tissue.

What is the effect of carbondioxide on tissues?

Carbondioxide which is released in subcutaneous, interacts with hemoglobin and provides tissues having more oxygen (called Bohr Effect), oxygen increased in the tissue (especially in the fat tissue) raises fat burning.
It also provides tensioning and smoothness on the skin by securing increase of collagen which prevents wrinkle and skin slackening by the reasons of capillary dilatation and local irritation.

How is Carboxytherapy used?

Carbondioxide is given into subcutaneous by special pressure and speed with thin needles. However, with low pain threshold patients, pain can be observed on gas injected parts.

How many sessions and how often is Carboxytherapy applied?

According to the purpose of the treatment, part of the body and type of the problem it can be applied twice in a week or more. Generally, the therapy applied 15-20 sessions. The real effect of the therapy can be seen after the 5th session.

Does carbondioxide have toxicity?

No, it has never been seen before.


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