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Dracula Therapy

Dracula Treatment

Dracula Treatment against Skin Wrinkles and Blemishes!
Dracula therapy can be apply on wrinkles, blemishes of acne, removing sunspots PRP (tissue recovery treatment). Below, you can see the interview of Dracula therapy information given by Dr. Emre Çiçek.

How are the applications of Dracula (tissue recovery) on skin? What is its purpose?

Growth factors taken from blood during tissue recovery help increasing collagen production and tissue recovery. Thus, removing acne scars and reducing blemishes are provided along with the tight, vital and shiny look of the skin.

On which regions of the skin is it applied?

It can be applied on any problematic part such as face, neck, decollete and hands.

What are the effects of Dracula?

Patients had Dracula treatment notice the differences in the end of 3-4 weeks. Reduced blemishes, lifting on face, reduced thin wrinkles start to seen and the skin looks shinier, tighter and alive.

Are there any side effects?

Since the mixture is prepared from the patient’s blood, there is no risk to get allergy or infected by the blood. There may be happen only some redness and it gets better in a few hours.

When is the treatment completed?

The treatment consists of 3 sessions and each session is applied once in a month. It needs to be repeated in 6 or 12 months.

Are there any pain or ache feeling during the treatment?

There is no pain or ache feeling since the treatment is applied after anesthetize with creams.

Can desired results be obtained after the application?

Our patients are very happy with the results of applications. The results can be seen after the 2nd session. When the treatment is completed, the patient can see the significant differences and the desired results are obtained.

For whom Dracula therapy is not appropriate?

Dracula therapy cannot be applied on only active cancer patients.


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