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Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow Transplantation

How is eyebrow transplantation done?

Eyebrow transplantation; technically like hair transplantation, is a process of transplanting back micro grafts and placing them on the part where the patient has an eyebrow clearing.

Can the applied technique vary according to the patient?

Generally the same technique is used but it’s very essential to know the patient’s level and the reasons of eyebrow loss while choosing the proper technique.

Can eyebrow transplantation be applied to everyone?

It can be applied to everyone who has hair on the scruff.

Does it hurt during the surgery?

Definitely not. Before surgery, the pain is done away with the cold sprays or pomades on the part which the local narcosis will be applied.

Can we get the natural look with eyebrow transplantation?

How a person wants the shape of the eyebrow is matters. Due to the fact that everyone has different features of hair and eyebrow type, the shape of the transplanted eyebrow should be suitable to the patient’s former eyebrow shape and hair quality. As having a slim eyebrow can’t be for someone with thick hair; a slim eyebrow cannot go with someone having sparse hair, either.

What should we consider when deciding on the shape of the eyebrow?

Since the shape of the eyebrow the patient wants is important; with his doctor, the patient should decide on the line, the density and the thickness of the eyebrow.

Do we face problems after the eyebrow transplantation?

For only once a week, it’s needed to cut your eyebrows which are transplanted from your scruff. The reason? Since, the hair which is naturally transplanted, has the feature of hair, not of an eyebrow.


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