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Fibromyalgia Treatment with Acupuncture

Fibromyalgia Treatment with Acupuncture


It is a disease which is included in soft tissue rheumatism group that appears with chronicle muscle pains, sleep disorders, long term tiredness and psychological complaints. It occurs every 10 women to 1 men and affects the quality of life negatively.

Getting up in the morning becomes harder. While doing housework or working on computer, neck and back pains are felt. Night sleep is disturbed and one feels tired during the whole day. Problems like headache, constipation and stress on periods decrease the life quality. Fibromyalgia disease which the cause is not known exactly makes people see many doctors.

This disease causing people to be defined as valetudinarian can be seen %5-20 people of society. Since it can be treated after a final diagnose, life quality of people increases again.

Although fibromyalgia is seen mostly on women aged between 30 and 50, it can affect both gender and every age group. Implemented studies determined the frequency of the disease can be change from %5 to %20 of people. Patients complain mostly about body pains, sleep disorders, stiffness on all body, headache, constipation, painful periods, prickling and swelling on hands and feet. Patients consult many different doctors to be able to find solutions for each of these complaints. Chronicle pains and other problems cause labor loss, psychological disorders on patients and cause high treatment costs with diagnosis.

Reason of Fibromyalgia Disease

The reason of fibromyalgia disease is not known exactly. Effects like traumas caused by diseases, sports injures, sleep disorders, neurohormonal disorders, autonomic dysfunction, muscle oxygenation disorder and psychological disorders are held responsible. Difference of the complaints makes the diagnosis harder. All of the laboratory, radiologic and electromyography examinations of the patients appear normally. Diagnosis can be determined usually by not giving a place to suspects by a story and physical examination. However, diseases like myofascial pain syndrome, chronic tiredness syndrome, polymyalgia, hypothyroid, depression, rheumatoid arthritis can be confused with fibromyalgia and encountered with fibromyalgia; therefore, these diseases should be kept in mind as well.

Multidisciplinary approach on treatment is compulsory!

Treatment of diseases that spread widely to muscle pain, depression, thyroid, insomnia require multidisciplinary approach. The disease should be explained to patient in details. It should be told that treatment of fibromyalgia can last long and a result should not be expected immediately. It is important to explain the treatment of accompanying psychological disorders and the reasons that exasperating the disease and informing the patient about relaxing approaches. This kind of a strategy affects the results of the treatment in a negative way. Fixing the sleep disorders has a very big place. A lot of treatment approaches notably antidepressants, physiotherapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and spa are implemented in the treatment. However, exercise treatment is the basis of the treatment. Studies show that even though aerobic exercise trainings (fitness, walking, light jogging, swimming, biking) cause an increase of complaints at first, in time they increase movement quality and decrease pains.

Progress of the disease

Studies stated that fibromyalgia disease lasts for a long time after it appeared and it rises from time to time. Even though it does not cause permanent disabilities, it causes severe labor loss, lasting tiredness, and high treatment costs. Studies also shows that younger people and people having lower problems in sleeping benefit the treatment more and at least %50 of the patients show medium or good progress in recovering with education, medicine and exercise treatments. It is very important to consult a doctor who can plan a treatment as soon as possible.


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