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Filling injections which provide face tension with a nonsurgical, simple operation, remove lines above lips, lines on faces and wrinkles. If applied correctly, efficient results are obtained in removing lines between nose and cheek and in lip aesthetic.

Where are aesthetic purposeful fillings used?

* Lines on the edge of nose (Nasolabial lines)
* Lines between nose and lips
* Lip contour and filling by increasing volume
* Smoke lines surrounding lips
* Wrinkles on eye area and thin lines
* Forehead lines
* Acne, wound and scars after accidents
* Re-increasing volume of cheek, cheekbone and fat loss Â

The treatments of deep and normal wrinkles on the face are performed with this method called fillings. The wrinkles are treated by implementing filling material on the wrinkle with an injection. Lip fillings or lip contour can be implemented with wrinkle treatment accordingly with the patient’s request. If there are troughs on the cheek or cheekbone, it is possible to fill them as well.

Today, the most preferred material as a filling material is the hyaluronic acid. It is produced in laboratory environment. It does not have any side effect like allergy. It is also completely concordant with the skin and it gives a natural look. Its effect is reversible. That means is fillings implemented with hyaluronic acid refresh itself within 8 months - 2 years.

Fillings can be implemented to almost every part such as nasolabial, corners of the lips, glabellar, under-eye, eye area, forehead, lips, and lip contour. The area to be filled is anesthetized before the application with local anesthetic cream or if the area is lip, it is anesthetized with local anesthetic injection. The application is completed in 15-20 minutes. The patient can continue with their daily lives after the application. The application effect can be seen immediately. The patients can have satisfactory and good looking cheeks and perfect shaped lips while leaving the clinic.


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