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FUE PLUS Difference in Hair Transplantation

FUE PLUS Difference in Hair Transplantation

Difference of FUE PLUS

1. Due to the usage of microsurgical punch which is approved by International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, dense, taintless and seamless hair transplantation which is the only FUE PLUS in Turkey is performed.
2. During Fue Plus method, pain or uncomfortable feeling does not occur.
3. You have a chance to comb your hair in any direction and to have any kind of haircut.
4. After 10 days of Fue Plus, coiffeurs, people around you and even doctors will not be able to notice that you’ve had a hair transplantation.
5. You will not encounter empurpling, swelling in your eyelids, forehead and your face and edema after Fue Plus.
6. Fue Plus application is done under the circumstances of sterilized special operating room and hospital conditions.
7. You will have 1.5 or 2 times more hair transplantation with Fue Plus method than other techniques.


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