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Hair Loss Types

Hair Loss Types

Alopecia Areata

It is a characterized disease which is a sudden hair loss as elliptical and circular areas in any part of scalp without foretasting. It generally appears locally on scalp, beard and eyebrows. In some cases, complete hair loss on head, beard, eyebrows even on all of the body happens. It is a reversible disease that not depending on age, race and gender and not causing scar tissues. It is recovered generally in 6 months or 1 year. If it is not reversed in 1 year, it becomes permanent. It can be treated with mesotherapy, carboxytherapy, steroidal treatments and stem cell treatments during that 1 year.

Trichotillomania Areata - Tractional Traumatic Alopecia

It arises as a result of pulling or hanging the hair for a long time. It is a permanent hair loss. In women, tying hair by overly stretching hair, tight queues and buns may cause hair loss especially on the hair line of forehead and sides. In men, sticky substances used on hair after hair prosthesis may cause this problem.

Other causes:

*Chronic dermatological diseases like psoriasis or pemphigus etc.
*Active and dense stress,
*Thyroid function deficiency (hypo-hyperthyroid, hashimoto etc.),
*Lack of iron, zinc and copper,
*After surgeries implemented with general anesthesia,
*Diabetes mellitus (diabetes type 1 and 2),
*Chemotherapy and radiotherapy,
*High dosage vitamin A intoxication,
*High fever and fungi in all over the body caused by unknown reasons or infections.

Cicatricial Alopecia

It is caused by destroying and fibrous of hair follicles irreversibly. It occurs generally in circles, sometimes in other shapes. It appears after face lifting, scalp surgeries or burnt. Hair transplantation on burnt, scars or surgery skin give very successful results and that problematic tissue disappears completely.

Diffuse Alopecia Totalis

It is a general hair loss spreading to all over the scalp with fully hairy. It is not realized until big amount of hair is lost. The way of diffuse alopecia is changeable and it can be continuous or increasing from time to time depending on the reason.


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