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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy

Difference of Our Clinic in Hair Mesotherapy

It is the injection of vitamins and minerals which feed hair follicle, natural medicine which increases blood circulation into hair follicle with 4mm special thin needles. These affect hair follicle directly, feed them, provide them refreshing by increasing flushing and oxygenation and stop hair loss. Androgenic Alopecia which causes over %90 of hair loss and occurs according to genetic and hormonal reasons, is a classic and very well-known indication of hair mesotherapy.

Results are permanent and satisfying.

After the Treatment

Followings are provided:

*Decrease in hair loss and end of it in %90.7 percentage,
*Increase of flushing and oxygenation of hair follicle and make hair bush and dense,
*Removing dandruff and oiling problem of the hair.

Any kind of empurpling, swelling, pain or uncomfortable feeling do not happen. You can return your daily activities immediately.

There is certainly no side effects.

Results are seen fast and they are very effective.

As a result, density, increase in volume, being often, shining and increase in hair quality are obtained.

Who can have hair mesotherapy?

People having:

*Genetic hair loss stories in their family,
*Oily, dandruff, itch and eczema problems,
*Hair loss caused by splitting,
*Anemia and lack of iron problem,
*Thyroid hormone deficiency,
*Gynecologic cist and menstrual irregularity,
*After birth giving,
*Too much stress.

Our hair mesotherapy implication is applied with a cure special to us.

It is applied with special masks and tonic that are prepared abroad, plus massage. It is a method that lasts for half an hour and stops hair loss in %95 rate right after the sessions.

It continues once in the first month, once in two weeks in the second month and then two times with one month interval and totally it has 6-8 sessions.


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