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Herniated Disc Treatment with Acupuncture

Herniated Disc Treatment with Acupuncture

Herniated Disc Treatment with Acupuncture

We have 5 vertebras in our waist. There are discs between vertebras serving as absorbers. Discs are composed of connective tissues. Discs provide free movements and relaxation between the vertebras. More important is they distribute the pressure on vertebras (during bending and heavy lifting) from the center to the edges equally. Inside of the disc contains a liquid like gel and outside of the disc is surrounded by a fibrous layer.

Working on the desk, on the computer hunchbacked, wearing high heeled shoes, being over-stressed, wrong bearing and sitting are harmful for our waist. Wrong movements done continuously, wrong bending movements while lifting causes lacerations on the special layer out of the disc. Gel inside the disc spreads out of from the vertebras. This is called herniated disc.

What Does Herniated Disc cause?

The liquid that spread out of fibers becomes hard by losing its liquid specialty and pressures veins and nerves around. As a result of this severe pains on waist and/or legs, limitations of movements, walking lamely, narcosis on legs, power loss and thinning on legs occur. If herniation occurs to the back, enuresis and impotency occur (due to pressure on spinal cord).

How is Herniated Disc Treated?

Herniated disc that became like mentioned above requires to be operated. However, %80 of the hernias do not need surgery. Cases that do not need surgery can be treated by physiotherapy and medicine. Acupuncture is one of the most important treatment that one should think about first.

Effect of acupuncture on herniated disc is continuous for a long time and it satisfies patients. Because acupuncture treats structural defects as well.

Mechanism of Action of Acupuncture on Herniated Disc Treatment

1. Removing pain: Acupuncture stimulates the pain killers in the body. Needles used in the treatment stimulates endorphin in the body. Endorphin is a very strong pain killer special to human body. Therefore, the patient gets over the pain without taking pain killers.

2. Releasing the muscle: Acupuncture stimulates neuromuscular blockers in the body. Gaba is released by stimulating Valium point front of the earlap. Gaba (Gama-Amino-Butyric-Acid) is a very strong neuromuscular blocker. Therefore, the patient gets over the muscle spasm without taking neuromuscular blockers.

3. Loosening the edema: Acupuncture stimulates the substances which loosen the edema. By stimulating supernal glands from the ears, cortisone is released. Cortisone has a loosening effect on edemas. Cortisone loosens the edema occurred around cartilaginous tissue on the herniated spot and relieves the spot; therefore, the pressure on veins and nerves is removed.

4. Providing psychological relief: Acupuncture stimulates the tranquilizers in the body. Acupuncture increases serotonin and endorphin level in the blood and gives patients peace and provides sedation.


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