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Knee Pain Treatment with Acupuncture

Knee Pain Treatment with Acupuncture

Knee Pains

Everybody encounter knee pain in a period of their lives. Especially, when we try to make our lives healthier with physical exercise, knee pain increases.

Knee pain occurred because of exercise are mostly caused by damaged or torn anterior cruciate ligament. Besides pain, tripping feeling or swelling can be observed.

An orthopedic specialist recovers the torn tissue by entering knee joint with a device called arthroscopy consisting of a light source and a camera. Torn meniscus is fixed with the same way. Today, breakings on knee cracklings are recovered easily and successfully by crackling transplant.

Since all these problems occurs by forcing the knee joints, consulting a doctor before physical exercise is a compulsory.

Knee pains caused by meniscus rupture, cruciate ligament rupture, rheumatism and over forcing the knee are mostly observed on young adults (ages between 18 and 30).

Pains caused by rheumatic fever are come along with swelling, redness and fever symptoms. Final diagnosis is established by rheumatism tests implemented on blood and treatment begins. In a rheumatism called rheumatoid arthritis, generally two of the knees are stiffed and unlike rheumatic fever, joints are not hot and red.

Rheumatoid arthritis is diagnosed by showing RF in the blood which is rheumatic factor. However, in some cases, RF could not be found in the blood and this is defined as seronegative rheumatoid arthritis.

Knee pains of people aged between 30 and 50 are defined as adult knee pains. The foremost cause of knee pain in this group is meniscus rupture occurred because of corrosion and ruination. Diagnosis, following and treatment should be implemented by an orthopedic specialist.


Knee pains of people aged above 50 are defined as elderly knee pains. By increasing quality of our lives with the precautions taken, this age will definitely be older. Calcification -osteoarthritis - is the most common problem observed in this group.

Arthrosis is observed in %85 of people over 70. However, this should not be perceived as inevitable faith. We can postpone this process with healthier nutrition and losing extra weight.

Basic reason why this disease occurs is that corrosion and spreading of crackling in knee joints. Therefore, movement limitations and pains occur on knee joints. Especially, when climbing up and coming down stairs difficulties are felt. Sounds like crackles can be heard during taking steps.

Stiffing in the first movement is a typical problem of this disease. Difficulties occur for 10 minutes to 30 in taking steps or bending knees. This problem can recede temporarily by maintaining the movements during the day. However, after a long rest, complaints like I have difficulties in taking steps when I stand up or I halt.

Reasons of knee pains in adults

Meniscus rupture - early corrosions - rheumatoid arthritis - sinew inflammation - bursitis - hip dislocation

Reasons in older ages

Calcification - rheumatoid arthritis - sinew inflammation - bursitis - hip Arthrosis

How do we protect ourselves?

It is possible to remove the stress caused by joint pain by killing the pain, removing joint defects with long term treatments, preventing articular surfaces scraping by increasing the liquid inside the joint.


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