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Laser Peeling

Laser Peeling

Laser Peeling
The difference of laser peeling: A very superficial peeling happens. It does not exceed skin-deep peeling. However, sudden contraction of collagen is provided in deep layers by heat effect. Tension is noticed after a few days of application. Obtaining recovery in 4-6 weeks is very similar to the results of a face tensioning application. Since there is low damage, both the recovery happens fast and without side effect and if wanted, it can be applied in a month again. The application is very simple as well: anesthetic creams are sufficient for the application. There is no need for extra anesthesia. In recovery process, since the peeling is superficial, moisturizing and antibiotic creams are enough.

Cases can treated with laser peeling:

* Wrinkles and staining depending on sun
* Aging stains, wrinkles, stains and sagging
* Acne scars are treated more than dermabrasion.

Produced collagens by heating close the pits and tighten the large pores. Laser peeling which can be applied easily in winter and limits sitting in home with 4 days is the fastest and effective method of removing wrinkles, stains of acne and aging. Being easily applied and not needing anesthesia and surgery room decreases its price compared to dermabrasion and deep laser peelings implemented in hospitals.

Along with treating all face wrinkles with laser peeling, it is the most effective treatment for wrinkles around lips and eyes especially caused by sun. Acne scars or stains occurred after surgery or trauma can be treated; however, deep stains cannot recover completely. Aging symptoms on face can be treated easily as well.


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