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Lipolysis Lipodissolve

Lipolysis Lipodissolve

What is Lipolysis?

Deformity of waist, hip, belly, back, jowl and knee depending on lipoidosis are treated mercurially and without surgery with Lipotherapy which is the newest development in local thinning. Painless combined applications are not only providing local weight loss but also tightening possible sagging as a result of weight loss due to scientific and technological developments.

What is lipolysis (lipodissolve)?

Lipolysis (lipodissolve) is a medical treatment method which developed by Brazilian doctor Patricia Rittes in 1995. Lipolysis (lipotherapy, lipodissolve) is commonly used in European, North and South American countries and is a locally implemented thinning method that removes fat accumulation in body and face. The most important feature of lipolysis application is that it gives a chance to remove fat without needing a surgery. Phosphatidylcholine which is obtained from soya lecithin is used in lipolysis treatment. In fact, phosphatidylcholine is synthesized in human’s body and added in fat metabolism. It is also used in other fields (embolic situations, fatty liver etc.) of medicine.

On which purpose is lipolysis used?

Lipolysis is not a weight loss method. It is a method for removing extra local fat which is resistant to exercise and diet. Therefore, a person who is generally fat is not a sufficient candidate for lipolysis. It can said that it is an equivalent method of liposuction. It is a nonsurgical and alternative method that used for people who are not appropriate for surgery or who do not want one. Its success rate is high on people who have localized fat accumulation in arms, legs, belly and hips. Lipolysis application is used on deformations, cellulite, gynecomasty, lipoma, fat around eyes and under eye bags happened on lipoidosis. On the other hand, lipolysis can be implemented on deformations occurred after removing fat with a surgical method. Lipolysis can be used as an auxiliary method for cellulite treatment.

How does lipolysis affect?

In lipolysis treatment, local fat accumulation in the body can be removed without causing tension on the skin because lipolysis increases fat burning naturally. Cosmetically expected results of lipolysis occur in between 1st and 3rd sessions.

In which intervals and how many sessions is lipolysis applied?

Unwanted total fat loss can occur after sessions implemented too often. Lipolysis is implemented in every 4-6 weeks. Its effect can be seen after 2nd week and peaks in 4th week and lasts until 6th week. Actual effect can be seen after the 2nd session. However, if local fat is over, 2 sessions will not be enough. Even if total session is determined as 4 or 8, what really determines the session number is the amount of medicine used and volume of the target fat.

What needs attention during lipolysis?

Not consuming alcohol and not using drugs like aspirin since they pressure lipolysis procedure.

How is lipolysis performed? What happens after application?

Total dosage amount to be applied on every area in one session is determined. Using local anesthetic agent decreases pain notably. Application is implemented by using very thin needles of 30 Gauge with hands or mesotherapy guns as injections. Immediately after the application, redness and slight burning feeling occurs and lasts for about 15 minutes. Swelling and redness can possibly be seen on the application area in the 6th hour after the application. Then, a stiffening called nodule formation occurs on the application area until the 3rd day and it continues decreasingly for 15-30 days. Feeling itchy and burning, redness, empurpling, swelling and fever can occur on the injection area. However, you can continue to your social and business life without interruption.

On which areas is lipolysis applied?

Lipolysis can be used for rupturing the fat in under the eye, jowl, arms, belly, waist, hips and legs. Results of lipolysis treatment are quite permanent if it is supported with healthy nutrition and exercise.

What are the side effects of lipolysis?

Lipolysis has not any important side effect. Temporal swelling and sensitivity can happen after the application. These problems will disappear 48 hours after lipolysis.

To whom lipolysis cannot be applied?

Pregnant and nursing women, people who have clotting problem, liver failure, diabetics, heart diseases, cancer and allergic to the substances inside the lipolysis treatment.

Are there any scientific data about lipolysis available?

Yes. Clinic studies are being conducted in Europe and USA. A study conducted in 2004 has indicated that only 2 sessions of treatment of lipolysis gave successful results for %72.41 of the patients. Over %80 of women suffer from cellulitis.


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