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Lumenis One

Lumenis One

Lumenis One
Lumenis One platform is consisting of IPL, Lightsheer (Diode Laser) and ND: YAG Lasers which can be arranged as a combination for personal needs.

Lumenis One Lightsheer diode lasers and Universal IPL quantum are approved by American FDA organization with scientific studies. Hairs are removed after the treatment is completed; however, in time, weaker and light colored hairs can be seen which cannot be compared to former ones. The reason of this, cells which are not active during the treatment and have the potential for producing hair become active which will not be a problem after applying one or two sessions of treatment after years. After the application, hairs will appear in 3-10 days. However, most of their roots are deformed and they will not appear again. As they can drop intentionally, they can be pulled as well.

Lightsheer diode laser, Original IPL (IPL Quantum) and Nd: Yag which are approved by American FDA are the most preferred devices in laser application. While Lumenis Diode laser is preferred in standard applications, IPL device is used for thin and light colored hairs and Nd-Yag device is used for small areas including deep hair roots. Therefore, laser treatment can be applied on every skin and hair type.

Universal IPL Module and IPL Skin applications

* Vascular Lesions,
* Pigmented Lesions,
* Hair removal

Nd-Yag Module Applications

* Leg vessels,
* Deep vascular lesions,
* Non-ablative treatment of facial wrinkles

Lightsheer module application

* Epilation (Approved by FDA)


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