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Mesolifting and Meso-botox

It is possible to have healthy, shiny and tight skin now! Fraying and aging process are mostly seen on drying, wrinkles and looseness on face. By this treatment, we can start a new fast and lasting refreshment process by giving needed vitamins, minerals and important construction elements into the skin.

For whom face Mesotherapy (Mesolifting, Vitamin Injection) can be applied?

People exposed to sun and solarium too much, smokers and/or alcohol consumers or who did not care their skins because of intense work pace are appropriate for this application. There is no gender or age limitation.

What is the purpose of Mesolifting?

The purpose is to have back the tightness and vitality of the skin and to create lifting effect. To be able to absorption of the cosmetic creams applied in daily lives, they need to be applied for a long time. Besides, generally, it is not possible to reach deep layers including stratum basale (nourishing skin layer). In Mesotherapy, needed reinforcements of the skin can be given directly to the intended part and depth in necessary amount. The very first symptoms of aging face skin is visible thin lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity. In time, the wrinkles get deeper and the skin looses.
Mesolifting or Mesotherapy slows down the changes on the skin caused by time; moreover, it reverses the effects. In Mesolifting method, tissue regeneration in top and bottom layers of the skin by implementing natural micro injections into it.

What kind of benefits does Mesolifting provide to skin and subcutaneous tissues?

After this application, a balance is provided on substances of reduced elastin on skin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Due to cell refresher vitamins, anti-oxidants and connective tissue which balances fullness and nourishment of the skin in its substances, skin tone raise, tightening, moistening which almost removes cream usage and reducing of wrinkles occur. Therefore, skin structure becomes stronger by producing more collagen and by raising elastin quality. Thanks to increased oxygen, the skin looks healthier, shiny and refreshed and more vital and fresh skin obtained by decreasing aging effects. By combining Mesolifting with botox or fillings much more perfect results can be obtained.

Which facial regions mesolifting is applied?

Applied on cheeks, forehead, upper lips, eye edges, chin, neck, decollete and back of hand.

What kind of materials do drugs used in Mesolifting include?

1- DNA obtained from Salmon fish.
2- Hyaluronic acid: It is a natural polymer commonly found in human structure and used in face Mesotherapy. This material swells by absorbing water and provide both elasticity and moisture in the tissue.
3- Vitamins: Vitamin A checks skin development and fixes the thinning by age. Vitamin E undertakes the task of an antioxidant to retain tissues from harmful substances. Vitamin C, by stimulating the synthesis of collagen slows down the production of melanin. Vitamin B, regulates biological balance by nourishing skin. Vitamin K allows blood to spread all over skin by regulating the blood circulation.
4- Amino acides: They are alive molecules that form the main structure of protein. They are important actors in tissue development. They arrange order by repairing the damage of cell.
5- Mineral salts: They are the supporters of the vital activities of cells. They also improve the metabolism of the tissues in the face Mesotherapy.
6- Coenzymes: They regulate the biochemical reactions of the tissues. They boost tissue regeneration.
7- Nucleic acids: They support the basic protein synthesis. New generated tissues also support the connective tissue of the skin.
8- DMAE (Dimetil amino etanol): It is an actively preferred material in face Mesotherapy. It is a precursor of regulatory and firming the B vitamin Choline and Acetylcholinin simulation. It also tightens skin and formats muscle.Therefore, it reduces aging of the skin by providing general arrangement.
9- Stem cell.

How is Mesolifting applied?

The application is done by giving medicine to subcutaneous from several points with very thin 30 Gauge needles and Pistor 4 Mesotherapy gun produced for face. The sessions last approximately 15-20 min.

How many sessions is Mesolifting applied and what are the session intervals?

Session number and application intervals depend on the age of the patient and need of the skin. Generally, a cure consists of 4-8 sessions and application interval can change from 2 weeks to 1 month. Even if local anesthetic creams are used during the sessions, pain can be observed on low pain threshold patients.


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