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Cellulitis and Mesotherapy

What is Cellulitis and how does it happen?

Cellulitis is an aesthetic disorder occurs with laxity of fat cells, circulation deficiency in micro level and defect of connective tissue. Fat cells overly loosen and pressure surrounding micro blood circulation and ruin the circulation there. Ruining of the circulation causes liquid accumulation called edema. Depending all of these, damage develops in the connective tissue since it did not receive sufficient amount of oxygen and not fed enough. Kind of cellulitis changes according to the level of this damage. As a result, it appears to be an uncontrollable by the body, untreatable with diet, exercise and creams and over time, its damage level increases. The easiest diagnose method for cellulite is controlling by hands. When the skin is squeezed by two hands, if knobs appear, cellulite is possibly formed.

What are the clinic types of cellulite?

In fibrous cellulite, loosened fat cells and dystrophy in connective tissue are in the foreground. Tissue with cellulite is loosen and overly looks like orange peel. In nodular cellulite, generally cellulite can be seen while standing and harsh nodules are felt partly.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a method that painlessly injecting pharmacological vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and homeopathic medicines as little mixtures into the dermis. These mixtures are implemented on necessary points with very thin needles according to the issue that is going to be treated.

In which countries is mesotherapy used?

Mesotherapy is originated in France. It is developed and used firstly by French doctor Pistor in 1952. After 50 years, it has been commonly used in European countries like notably France, Spain, Italy and countries of South and North America.

What are the areas of usage of mesotherapy?

Usage area of mesotherapy in clinic is pretty wide. This minimal invasive approach gives quite successful results in the treatments of many diseases like hair loss, cellulite, locally fat excess, sports injuries and muscle-skeleton system diseases.

How is mesotherapy applied?

Mesotherapy is a treatment method that implemented superficial intradermal and subsurface skin applications as injection. It must certainly be applied by an experienced doctor. According to the situation of pathology, a mixture is obtained by combining several different medicines. The mixture is given near to the pathology. In this way, effectiveness of the treatment is increased. Mesotherapy has some advantages like applicable locally, highly active bio-availability, having less side effects and having longer session intervals than other routine applications. Medicines are given in fewer amounts since it is applied into the area where the pathology exists. Therefore, effectiveness is increased while the possibility of side effects is decreased.


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