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Migraine Treatment with Acupuncture

Migraine Treatment with Acupuncture

Annihilation of Migraine with Acupuncture!

Acupuncture, say goodbye to Migraine that reduces quality of life!

Headache is placed on top of the most common problems of the society. Many people suffer from headache in some periods of their lives. Clinic pharmacology association, Headache association and association against headache established the map of headache of Turkey as a result of researches. According to these researches, 48 million (%69 of the population) people in Turkey have headaches. 7 million of them have chronic headaches.

Generally, women have more headaches than men. One of every three people who suffer from headache has a regular headache every day. Approximately 5 years of a human life is spent with headache. %50 of people having headache do not know the reason behind it. According to the conducted researches, most of the people that suffer from headache have never seen a doctor and have used painkillers for years arbitrarily.

Headache should not be considered as just a pain, in fact headaches bring negativity to people and society. People who suffer from headache constantly spend their lives under the stress of the pain which can occur any time and in any place.

Even, this circumstance can lead people into depression. Stress and depression included into our lives are important factors that starts migraine attacks.

International Headache Society has defined 165 kinds of headaches. Generally, they can be classified under two groups.

Primer Headache: Chronic pains which are not related to any disease or structural defect.

1. Migraine
2. Tension headache
3. Daily chronic headache
4. Cluster headache
5. Chronic paroxysmal hemicranias

2. Secondary Headache: They occur due to any disease or structural defect like head trauma, cerebral hemorrhage.

The classification given above is published by International Headache Society in 1998. It helps the doctor while diagnosing the patient.

Migraine and Headache Treatment with Acupuncture

Headaches can be symptoms of acute or chronic diseases. If it is a symptom of any disease (brain tumor, tonsillitis, palatine tonsil, myopia, acute otitis media…), the reason behind it should be removed and therefore a treatment is compulsory.

Then, acupuncture should be applied on headaches typed as:

Every kind of migraine and other vascular headaches,
Tension (muscular contraction) headaches,
Sinusitis (acute or chronic) headaches,
Headaches depending on neck arthritis.

The side effects of painkillers is an effective reason by itself for bearing acupuncture treatment. For example, people who have gastritis or ulcer cannot use painkillers otherwise bleedings can happen in stomach or duodenum.

Besides the fact that acupuncture has no side effects, it is also possible to treat such diseases in the same treatment sessions. If we summarize the healing effect of acupuncture on migraine disease:

1. Acupuncture provides homeostasis balance,
2. Acupuncture stimulates endorphin which the body produce itself,
3. Serotonin of which the amount decreases during migraine attacks causes expansion of scalp artery. This substance amount is increased by acupuncture and removing the pain is aimed.
4. Substances which cause pain and produced in the body are decreased by acupuncture.

The biggest issue that wondered most is whether drug use during acupuncture treatment is correct or not. Medicine combinations can be used if necessary. For example, hoarseness seen on voice artists and teachers who use their voice mostly.


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