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Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is the basis of our lives. Without oxygen, metabolism does not exist, energy would not be transferred to skin and body cells, the skin lose its tightness and it becomes to have more exhausted look. All of the symptoms of premature aging and wrinkles occurs.

What is the importance of the oxygen for skin?

With aging, the amount of oxygen in the skin decreases and toxins including free radicals increases. This situation deforms the structure of the cells. As a result, subcutaneous connective tissue loosens, wrinkles occur, the skin becomes languished and faded.

Stingless, sensitive, effective and painless!
What kind of positive chances can be provided on the skin with oxygen therapy?

A decrease of wrinkles on the face and neck, an increase of skin quality and refreshment on the skin is provided with OXYJET STAR by implementing pressurized oxygen infusion stinglessly and painlessly. Special OXYJET BEAUTY TOX production are used in the application. OXYJET STAR is one of the most developed oxygen therapy devices. It is a system similar to insulin and vaccination methods which are being used in medical for 30 years. Specially formulated cosmetic productions and pure oxygen is injected to the bottom layer of epidermis. Substances in the cosmetic productions are stored in the skin through pressurized oxygen device OXYJET STAR. Its effect are seen immediately and they are permanent for a long time.

When oxygen therapy is combined with Ultra peel Microdermabrasion perfect results can be obtained.

For what purposes is oxygen therapy applied?

The skin looks smooth and sparkling,
It is effective against sun spots,
Observable decrease happens on wrinkles,
It helps tissues for refreshment,
Oxygen which reaches through the bottom lines of the skin provides eliminating toxins from the body by accelerating the metabolism. As a result of this, acne and similar problems, which occur by reason of toxin accumulation, are removed.

What are the results and effects of oxygen therapy?

For what purposes is oxygen therapy applied?

Breast and face lifting
Wrinkle treatment
Restructure and rejuvenate the skin which is deformed by external factors (sun, cold, solarium etc.)
Removing skin pigmentations caused by several reasons (aging, sun, solarium etc.)
Removing acne and blackheads

What is the frequency and number of sessions of oxygen therapy?

The frequency and number of session depend on the skin type, age of the patient and application purpose. The session frequency can change from 1 application in 4 days to 1 application in a week. Session number in a cure is between 3 and 10. Also, there are some cures which are applied 3 or 5 days continually.

How are active materials conveyed to under the skin in oxygen therapy?

In a regular skin care, it takes very long time to absorb cosmetic production applied on the skin and this absorption does not on an advanced level. In oxygen therapy application, both oxygen and application products are conveyed to the bottom layer of epidermis by using pressurized oxygen with special ionized productions and serums. Oxygen and ionized productions are conveyed through the spaces between epidermis cells under the most appropriate oxygen pressure without harming the epidermal barrier. The effect of therapy can be seen as the productions in substance and oxygen are absorbed by blood-vessels. With this application, oxygen and active materials are conveyed through the bottom layers of the skin at a very short time without injection and a storage consisting of active materials is provided in the target part of the application. Oxygen and special ionized productions which have refreshing effect on the skin are directly transmitted through the intended depth of problematic part of the skin and reinforcement of the missing production in subcutan tissue is provided with the energy needed in the cells.

Why is oxygen therapy suggested especially for sensitive skin?

It is a gentle method to apply oxygen and special active products on skin with special oxygen gun. Active materials used with oxygen have such effects like moisturizing and calmative. It repairs the sensitiveness which may occur on people with sensitive skin. In addition, this therapy increases blood circulation and cell metabolism and boosts the immune system as well.

What kind of positive effects can occur by inhaling oxygen during the therapy?

Oxygen inhalation is inhaling %98 pure oxygen in 3lt/min in 15-20minutes. We need more oxygen day by day on the reasons of smoking, air pollution, physical and mental stress. Lack of oxygen in the body can cause tiredness, exhaustion, depression, lack of concentration, decrease of resistance. With oxygen inhalation, relief in the body and refreshment with a significant increase in concentration, performance and resistance are provided.


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