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What is Pressotherapy and how is it performed?

Another name of pressotherapy is pneumatic compression. Pressotherapy is a treatment method that works basically with pressure system and obtains effective results from edema and cellulite problem occurred on legs by providing lymphatic and general circulation drainage with mechanic effect. Pressotherapy is a pressure treatment which is started with lymph spots on the body and plantar and applied until under the chest. It drains the liquid that accumulated between the veins by speeding up the lymphatic and venous circulation.

Cellulite is a disease that occurs especially on women and triggered by hormonal changes like puberty, birth giving, and menopause and increased by wrong nutrition and lack of movement and also carries genetic base. Toxins that cannot be eliminated from the body by the reason of circulation deficiency causes an appearance like orange peel.

Besides having a corrected outlook, eliminating toxins becomes easier since circulation deficiency is treated as a result of pressotherapy application.

Pressotherapy application can be implemented by itself or as an auxiliary treatment to other cellulite or local weight loss treatments (Carboxytherapy, mesotherapy etc.) generally according to the phase of the problem. Its applications are implemented generally twice in a week and approximately last for 20-30 minutes.

On what kind of problems can pressotherapy be applied?

*Loosened muscle tissue and lifting body sagging,
*Varicose, edema and sagging occurred after pregnancy,
*Weight problem,
*Cellulite problem,
*Passive gymnastic,
*Regulating lymph flow,
*Edema occurred after surgery (liposuction etc.).


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