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Questions and Answers about Hair Transplantation

Questions and Answers about Hair Transplantation

Things You Must Know About Hair Transplantation

How Is Hair Transplantation Done?

It is done by a medical team of 4 people, in the surgery room of a private hospital which has the necessary sterile conditions. The crucial thing here is that it’s not done in an ordinary hospital unit, but in a sterile surgery room which contains special sterilization systems.

1st Phase in Hair Transplantation

First your photographs are taken and then your hair is cut short level 1 with machines that are only special for you, and then your hair is prepared for local anesthesia. After that, without any pain, local anesthesia is applied and you are ready for the hair transplantation.

2nd Phase in Hair Transplantation

In this phase, a horizontal line is made just at the point of two ears, and the hair below that line will be taken as genetically it is never lost. In each clinic the grafts of 1, 2, 3 and 4 scale (we call them hair units) are taken out with techniques and technological equipment special to that clinic, and they are kept and therefore nourished for a while in special solutions. The microsurgical punches used in this phase are completely unique for every clinic but unfortunately there’s too much unclear knowledge about the diameter of those punches. In hair transplantation, punches special for the patient can be used with hair follicles between 0.6 and 1 cm diameter. As a result, no matter what a good and sensitive punch is used, if the microsurgical engine is suitable for dental operations, but not hair transplantation operations, there will be scars depending on the strength of cycles of the punch of course. In that aspect, the important thing is how many healthy and dense hair follicles have been taken out with the microsurgical engine used in FUE hair transplantation in the clinic you went to, rather than how thin or sensitive microsurgical punches have been used. What makes the difference here is being experienced, skillful, having technical abilities and having equipment of good quality. In one session of FUE hair transplantation you may have taken out 5000 hair follicles, or in other words 5000 grafts. The thing is, how many of those are really strong and permanent. When you go to an ordinary hair transplantation clinic, you may be given lots of promises and the statistics or numbers shown to you as reference will probably be exaggerated. But the reality is that in hair transplantation, experience, good equipment, ability and attention is important.

The second important point is that how many of the taken grafts are 1, 2 or 3 scale grafts because this shows us the density and abundance of the hair. Basically thinking, in an ordinary clinic, if they transplant 5000 hair follicles only in 1-grafts, you will normally have 5000 hair strands. But if an experienced and qualified doctor does this job, only 400 of the follicles will be 1-graft and the rest of it will be 2, 3 or 4-graft and with a simple calculation 13900 hair strands will be transplanted and you will have 2.8 times more hair in comparison to an ordinary hair transplantation clinic.

3rd Phase in Hair Transplantation

This phase is connected to the first phase when your photographs were taken and therefore an operation plan and algorithm is formulated now, and the most important thing in this phase is to determine the front hair line which has a close relationship with a natural, quality and dense transplantation. Also it is very important to determine your hair line with special tools and measurements which suit to the standards of surgical institutions in Europe and in the world. In addition, it is very important that expert and experienced doctors do that who have taken part in thousands of hair transplantation operations. If inexperienced doctors do that operation, very serious faults may occur on the hair line which cannot be compensated.

4th Phase in Hair Transplantation

This is the phase when you can shape your hair after the operation, or comb it as you wish, to any direction. If you have an experienced expert doctor, surely he will enable you to have a type of hair that you can comb to any direction, and your hair will definitely not look as that cartoon character Tenten’s funny hair. Your hair won’t direct only one point, there won’t be black and pointed scars or any deformations in your hair follicles, your hair strands will not point various directions. Also, there won’t be spaces amongst your hair resembling an empty road or soldier rows. Shortly, in this phase the density and abundance of your hair is determined together with the direction(s) you will comb it. The major step, or in other words, the Heart of hair transplantation is this phase. If you act separately from your doctor in this phase you will definitely be exposed to bad results which you can hardly compensate. An expert and experienced doctor gives directions special to the patients and forms canals which cannot be understood by a male coiffeur.

5th Phase in Hair Transplantation

This is the phase when the obtained hair follicles are placed one by one into the opened canals. So as not to skip even a single canal and therefore not letting a mistake, this is the last important phase when the doctor works with great attention.

6th Phase in Hair Transplantation

After your hair is cleansed with special lotions, you are informed about the things you should do after the transplantation and also your private forms are presented to you. Now, you can go home happily with your hair transplanted.

Cases suitable for hair transplantation

*Cases which are caused by burns or scars after surgery
*Loss of hair in males
*Loss of hair coming from birth or local loss of hair
*Local loss of hair caused by any infection
*Loss of hair caused by the pulling of hair especially in women and wrong use of hair also (fractional alopecia)
*Pulling of hair as a result of a itch, which is usually caused by a psychological disorder called trichotillomania

Hair transplantation is a safe operation. Besides, hair can be transferred to eyebrow, moustache or beard areas and thus eyebrows, moustaches or beards look more natural.

There’s not a certain age limit for hair transplantation. But very young people who even haven’t completed their military duty usually make wrong decisions when they begin to lose hair. If you don’t plan it very well and act so quickly and if you choose inappropriate hair transplantation clinics, the result may be worse in the long run and you may not be able to make it up. For that reason, we advise young people below 20 not to hurry up and first to see an expert doctor who can suggest them a protective treatment before they reach the necessary age for hair transplantation.

Factors That Affect Natural Appearance in Hair Transplantation

A- Having abundant or thin hair in the area below the line of your ears.

B- Sorting out hair follicles (grafts) and cleaning the graft epithelium as well as possible. This requires experience, knowledge and skill.

C- The canals opened for the grafts must be natural and suitable: The reason of holes at hair roots is big canals that were opened in a wrong direction. If the canals are small and in the right direction, your hair will grow naturally and look natural.

To give the right direction to the transplanted hair follicles is very important because for the natural appearance of your transplanted hair, its direction must be the same with your own hair. This must be decided during transplantation regarding the direction of your hair. Hair transplanted in the canals by an expert and experienced doctor can be combed in every direction and can be shaped as wished. The doctor’s experience, patience, knowledge and skill makes the difference here of course. The important point here is not to state that this is a team work but it is done under the control of a doctor who transplants the hair by himself. If you hear something like “This job is done by a team”, be aware that there’s no doctor there!

If the patient has curly hair, it is relatively harder for the doctor to take out hair follicles from the donor area but in those cases results are better regarding abundance and natural appearance of hair and also it is better aesthetically. Curly hair follicles will spread better on the transplantation area and look more dense and natural.

If the patient has got white hair; to detect hair follicles requires more effort and harder work. Loops with microscopes need to be used especially with white hair. Results are completely natural. Inexperienced doctors who lack expertise would definitely fail in a case of white hair transplantation.

If the patient has got blonde or fair hair; it is easier to sort out the hair follicles and the results are completely natural.

If the patient has got dark hair; Sorting out the hair follicles requires more effort and harder work. If the hair is thick, more attention and care is needed, or else the transplanted hair will be coarse. With a careful and attentive work the patient will definitely have natural and good hair.

If the patient has got straight hair; it is quite easy to sort out the hair follicles. Taking hair follicles and transplanting the hair is done quickly and gives natural results.

Things We Must Be Careful About While Choosing the Hair Transplantation Clinic

You should talk to a person who had the same operation in the same clinic. He will tell you whether the work was done by an expert or by another person who is known as a coordinator but does not have the necessary skills.

Obtaining reference about the surgery room in the hospital: If the hair transplantation clinic is not well-equipped, the surgery room in the hospital must have enough equipment and sterilization. The doctor who is to do your transplantation must be very experienced in FUE method. He must as well have good background on these operations, must be accepted as an authority and must attend the operation himself. These are important for the success of the operation.

The analysis of your hair must be done in the hair transplantation clinic by an experienced doctor who will be using special tools and loops developed for this. You ought to avoid clinics or hospitals which do not have expert doctors but just coordinators that have no idea how to complete a hair transplantation operation successfully.

Is FUE Hair Transplantation Method Painful?

Hair transplantation operations are done in the surgery rooms of private hospitals, not in a hair transplantation clinic. Also local anesthesia is applied. The whole operation lasts 6-8 hours. The operation finishes comfortably without any pain. Patients who have had FUE operations say that after the operation they haven’t felt any pain and that one needn’t be afraid of such an operation. That’s the reason that there’s even no need to use any pain relievers after those hair transplantation operations.

How Long Does It Take For The New Hair To Grow After Transplantation?

After FUE hair transplantation, a dark reddish cover appears on the area that was exposed to hair transplantation. You can prevent this by washing your head twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Within 7-10 days the cover will be completely gone, and 15 days after the operation no one can tell that the patient has gone a hair transplantation operation. Between the 15th day and the 3rd month after the operation the transplanted hair will be gone. And then there won’t be any change for a new 3-month period. The new hair will begin to grow in the 6th month after the operation. The growth of all the hair will be completed between 9-12 months. As a result, the patient will have completely natural hair which he can comb in any direction.

Does Hair Transplantation Have Any Side Effects?

There haven’t been any reported bad side effects after hair transplantation operations. No remarks about this issue in newspapers until today. For that reason, people thinking of having a hair transplantation operation must avoid exaggerated adverts or commercials and they should apply to real clinics with experienced doctors. Thus they can avoid bad results which could disturb them a lifetime.

How Many Times Is It Possible To Have Hair Transplantation?

It can be done 4 times the most depending on the size of the area transplanted and whether the loss of hair is still continuing.

How Can We Control If Our New Haır Is Natural or Not?

The result of hair transplantation depends only on the doctor but nobody else. The thickness of the grafts, the direction and depth of the hair canals determines the result. If the grafts fit to the natural growth of the hair in terms of size and thickness, and if the direction of hair canals are placed suitably with the direction of the patient’s present hair, the result is completely natural.

Will Any Other Hair Transplantation Methods Replace FUE in the Future?

FUE is currently the most effective treatment method for loss of hair in men. There are still studies on hair clone, but no concrete results have been reached. If succeeded in the future, some hair follicles taken from the scalp will be cloned in laboratories according to how many the patient needs and then all those follicles will be placed on the non-haired area.

How Long Can We Use the Hair Transplanted with FUE Method?

Hair transplanted with FUE method is never lost and will grow a life time.


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