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Rheumatism Treatment with Acupuncture

Rheumatism Treatment with Acupuncture

Rheumatic Diseases

Rheumatism is an Ancient Greek word and means bad qualified liquid accumulation in joints. Even though rheumatic diseases are known since B.C. 8000, our knowledge related with causes, processes and treatments of the diseases has increased in 20th century by the development of rheumatology science.

Definitely, the most important complaint that bring the patient to the doctor is pain. One of the most important symptoms of rheumatologic diseases is also pain. However, the point that should not be forgotten is that there are also some rheumatologic diseases that never causes pain.

It has been detected that genetic factors are determinant in some of the rheumatic diseases. People who have genetic inclination can have rheumatism as a result of environmental factors. Therefore, having a disease story in the family is an important finding; however, this is not the implication of that all the other members of the family will have rheumatism. It is still not known that how rheumatic diseases develop.

In short, the most important point which starts rheumatic disease is cells of immune system, which are programmed for protecting our body from external factors, try to destroy the body’s own tissues and organs by considering them external things. In other words, civil war is a matter of fact. As a result of ongoing incidents in the tissues and organs thought to be external, inflammation develops and it causes different complaints according to the spot of it. In most of the rheumatic diseases, pain in the joints, swellings and limitations in movements (arthritis) are seen.

Rheumatic diseases are not limited in joints, they can also cause visceral organs to be stiffed. They cause muscle weakness, muscle pain, back and neck pain, skin eruption, nail changes, skin stiffness, decrease of tears, mouth dry, and redness on the eyes, sudden decrease and loss in sight, long lasting high fever, color loss on fingers, symptoms about respiratory system (shortness of breath, dry cough, hemoptysis etc.), symptoms about digestive system, decrease in kidney functions, neurological symptoms (stroke, changes in consciousness etc.), symptoms about heart and circulation system (curdling in veins, loss of pulse etc.).

Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases

Treatment of rheumatic diseases which cause several complaints and organ stiffness is possible in today’s circumstances. With the new medicine researches, progress have been made in rheumatism treatment. However, it is not possible to remove most of the rheumatism disease permanently. It needs a continuous doctor-patient cooperation. It should be known that disease can re-occur from time to time. The aim of the treatment is removing pains, protecting organ stiffness that might occur and providing patients a high level life comfort.

With acupuncture treatment, there is no side effect which might occur with classical medicine treatment and recovery rates are better. Recovery which is obtained by re-balancing the body with acupuncture is more permanent.


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