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Stopping Smoking with Acupuncture

Stopping Smoking with Acupuncture

Stopping Smoking with Acupuncture

It is not easy to give up smoking but eventually, millions of people succeed in stopping smoking completely. If you really want, you can be one of these millions of people. Almost everyone knows how harmful smoking is. Nevertheless, they cannot hold themselves from smoking. The reason for that is the addiction that nicotine makes. Psychological habits can be added to this addiction which smoking makes by occupying 5 senses. One of the ways to oppose this is acupuncture. It is not difficult to stop smoking with acupuncture as it is thought.

It is seen that acupuncture and its spots are included in most of the ways of quitting smoking whether it is called acupuncture or not. Acupuncture is a scientific treatment way which has been applied for the last 3000 years and has become very common as a result of researches implemented in West. Acupuncture provides getting over the stress depending on lack of nicotine by releasing the neurotransmitters in the brain which have become lazy after getting nicotine from outside and applying needle and laser on defined acupuncture spots on the body. Serotonin released by acupuncture makes people feel more relaxed and comfortable. The point of the application is to remove the abstinence syndrome occurred at the beginning of the quitting smoking process.

One who stopped smoking can hold on eating, have headaches, overreact to even small events, and have concentration problems and many similar problems. Acupuncture will prevent these problems occur or remove which has occurred. What patients need to do is not taking cigarettes, not testing the effect of acupuncture and accept the help of it.

Nicotine Addiction

Has a big impact on lung cancer (there is 2 or 3 times more risk than nonsmokers).
Decreases the oxygen transmission to the tissues about %15-33. This can cause heart attacks, brain ischemic attacks, low birth weights and miscarriages.
May increase infarction risk by increasing cholesterol level and other fat fractions.
May cause the systemic blood pressure go up by making vasoconstrictor effect on veins and correspondingly causes diabetic foot ulcer, arterial vein failure and embolism (Burger disease).
Increases nerve and kidney diseases if there is diabetes mellitus.
May increase the tendency for flu and lung infections.
Predisposing factor for mouth, throat, larynx and bladder cancers.
Increases blood sugar.
May cause impotence on men.

Why is it difficult to get rid of nicotine?

1. Nicotine causes severe organic addiction. Therefore, abstinence symptoms due to quitting smoking are excessive. These are:

*Being easily irritated,
*Narcosis on tongue and mouth, feeling bored,
*Lack of concentration,
*Lack of attention.

All of these symptoms occur the very next day of quitting smoking.

2. Most of people are addicted to smoking psychologically. Addicts have a routine relationship with smoking as it is like brushing teeth or washing face.

Think that it helps getting up in the morning,
Need it for sharing happiness or sadness,
Believe that it relaxes one.

How to prepare to quit?

*Being told that how they will be healthy after quitting smoking by doctors and others,
*Finding different hobbies to be relaxed,
*Doing physical exercise or walking,
*Not smoking around them for especially the first month of quitting smoking by supporting as family or friends,
*Determining the day of quitting.
*Being told that sudden quitting is more helpful than decreasing it (like cutting off the gangrened tissue).

Advantages of quitting smoking

*Reminding that mouth and skin of them will not smell like nicotine,
*Not polluting their own homes, offices and around them by not using nicotine,
*Regulated blood pressure and heart rate in the 20st minute of acupuncture treatment,
*Normalized oxygen level in blood after 8 hours,
*Increased the regeneration of nerve cells after 48 hours,
*Increased capacity of lungs by %30 after 2 weeks,
*Regulated blood circulation in 2 weeks to 3 months; therefore, one will not be breathless while walking,
*Increased the risk of heart and coroner diseases by %50 after 1 year.

Other issues that the patients should know while quitting smoking

*Psychological addiction will continue for a long time although the psychical addiction is removed. Therefore, the risk of restarting is high in this period. Usually one cigarette can make the addict smoke again.
*In any place and any time, if any cigarette is given to the addict, instead of “Thanks, I will not take it”, saying “Thanks, I have quitted” will make the cigarette giver envying the addict. This will provide psychological satisfaction.
*Usually in the first two weeks, one’s appetite can get better. You can gain small amount of weight which you should not worry about it. Later, you can give it. Because, both acupuncture and losing weight can have the risk to fail. Therefore, it is very important to start with the priority for the patient.
*Coffee and alcohol should not be consumed during the first week, black tea should be consumed weaker in a small amount.
*At least 2-3 liter of liquid, especially water should be consumed daily during the treatment.
*Environments including smokers should be avoided for the first week.
*When smoking is wanted, one should exhale and inhale at least 10 times.
*Teeth should be brushed for a long time after each meal.

Effect Mechanism of Acupuncture

Since the person stop using nicotine which inhibits receptors in the brain releasing endogen opiate, acupuncture stimulates these receptors and provides releasing opiates. This procures the person to be relaxed and decrease of the abstinence symptoms.

Acupuncture Treatment

*Sessions: 6-10 (During 2 weeks)
*Session frequency: The first 2-3 sessions is implemented on every day. Then, every other day or once in 2 days.
*Session time: 15-30 min.

Ear and body acupuncture spots could be used both or separately in the treatment.


There are many documents and publishes which show that success rate of it is around %80-85.
The possibility of re-smoking for the addict always exists. Patients can re-smoke especially after 3 months.
Therefore, after the treatment is completed, patients should be controlled after 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year and if necessary, acupuncture should be implemented again.

It should be kept in mind that there is always the risk of re-smoking; therefore, lighting up even one cigarette should be avoided. An irremediable mistake should ruin all of your efforts.


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