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The Reasons of Hair Loss

The Reasons of Hair Loss


When people get older, hair becomes shorter and thinner. Whether androgenic inclination exists or not, this process depending on only aging is called Miniaturization. At the end of this process, hair became miniaturized is shaded. The number of hair follicles is decreased.


People having androgenic hair loss have a specific genetic code. They are transferred from parents. Heritage as OD. In other words, responsible gens can come from both mothers and fathers.

This genetic code can be effective on both girls and boys in their future lives.


All people having these genes do not necessarily have hair loss because if there are genes, the body should define them and this happens after age, stress and hormone level trigger it. If they are not triggered, hair loss will not happen.

5 Alfa reductase transform testosterone into DHT. Then, it shows its effect by connecting androgen receptors in the hair follicles. They cause hair loss.


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