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In Thermaclinic, AMFLI (Automatic Multi-Frequency & Low Impedance RF) technology and effect of selective heat of radio frequency waves are used together. The collagen formation of the skin is stimulated in the system and as a result of this, people who got thermaclinic application gain younger, tight and better look in a very short time. In Thermaclinic, a bi-polar head sends the energy of radio frequency waves to the application part. Radio frequency head transmits the high current that it produced to the skin painlessly through the advantage of AMFLI technology.

The skin becomes more tightened and the oval of the face becomes clearer with the Thermaclinic AMFLI technology. The skin starts new collagen stimulation and natural recovery is achieved with a quality skin. Both man and woman can benefit from this application.


Due to results with lifting effects, face contour is re-shaped,
It provides collagen fibers production and as a result, the skin looks younger and more tightened,
Positive results are obtained with the wrinkles,
Positive effects are provided on face, periorbital, neck and chest,
It is a safe, effective, sensitive and painless method,
It can be applied on all kinds of skin,
It is non-invasive. Patients can continue their daily lives just after the application,
Its usage is very simple,
It does not have any consumables,
Its effects are proven on hundreds of patients.


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