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Thermalipo Body Radiofrequency

Thermalipo Body Radiofrequency


Cellulitis Treatment and Radiofrequency in Local Weight Loss!

Thermalipo works with the principle of selective heater effect of radiofrequency technology. It affects deep dermis which produce collagen and fat tissue without harming skin, nerves and blood veins. Apparent tightening in the tissue and decrease in fat volume is procured with this painless application. Thermalipo has AMFLI (Automatic Multi Frequency and Low Impedance) technology.

What is AMFLI Technology?

Thermalipo uses automatic multi frequency and low impedance technologies together. Different radiofrequency waves reach different depth in the tissue. It has been observed when examining the clinic researches which shows the success of AMFLI technology that high energy is transformed suddenly into heat without harming skin and under skin tissues by epidermal cooling.

High frequency has a big impact on the surface of the tissue. Low frequency affects deeper areas. Frequency values are high enough to provide collagen production and low enough to remove local fat and cellulitis.

It carries out effective tightening on cellulitis, local thinning and tissue looseness on the same area in the same session.


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