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Weight loss with acupuncture

Weight loss with acupuncture

What is Obesity (overweight)?

Obesity is one of the most important health problems of this century which affects quality and span of life negatively and leads to many diseases. It is a disease accepted by the whole world.

Obesity is the increase of body fat that it damages body health. It occurs as a result of deformation of energy balance. Diet, exercise and gens constitute energy balance. When energy intake is higher than consuming, energy balance is damaged.

Obesity is the reason for many diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, respiration diseases, fatty liver, lung, articular and gall bladder diseases. Moreover, it has some negative effects like depression, social discrimination and lack of self-confidence.

What are the factors that constitutes obesity?

*Reduced physical activity,
*Nutritional habits,
*Malnutrition, eating in more than one place, fast-food consumption, consuming over-energized food.
*Gender (woman),
*Racial factors,
*Education level,
*Number of giving birth,
*Quitting smoking,
*Genetic and environmental factors,
*Psychological problems, emotional stress, depression etc.
*Endocrine disease, hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome, type 2 diabetes,
*Metabolic and hormonal problems, use of steroids and hormone replacement treatment,
*Technological developments and decrease in energy consumption.

How is obesity diagnosed?

Two methods are used in diagnosing obesity.

1. Body mass index
It is a method that can be calculated easily.
BMI=It is calculated by dividing body weight (in kilogram) to the square of height (in meters).
Standards are like the followings:
BMI =<19 Thin,
19-25 Normal,
25-30 Overweight,
30-40 Fat (Obese),
40> Over fat (Morbid Obese).

2. Measuring waist circumference.
Standards are like the followings:
Waist circumference Risk High risk
Man > 94 cm > 102 cm
Woman > 80 cm > 88 cm

Waist/Hip rate should be < 0.70 cm. For man, this rate is 0.95.

Acupuncture’s Effect on Weight Loss

It is not easy to change nutrition habits of people which is the basic reason why people get weight. Problems like weakness, epigastric burning, heartburn, dizziness, stress and nervousness which occur during diet and lead to quit the diet disappear with acupuncture. During gaining new habits of nutrition, acupuncture is very helpful to the patient.

Effects of acupuncture on weight loss can be classified as the following:

1. Minimizes the feelings of appetite and being hungry. Acupuncture decreases the noradrenaline level in the hypothalamus region of the brain and it increases serotonin level which occurs as happiness hormone after eating chocolate. Therefore, it provides us to be happy by not eating instead of eating.

2. It prevents burning and acidity feelings. Acupuncture implemented on ears decreases gastric acid by stimulating the nerve endings which reaches from ears to stomach and bowels. Through the controlled gastric acid, any kind of disturbance does not occur in the empty stomach due to diet. Diet can be implemented with pleasure.

3. It prevents weakness occurred as a result of low calorized nutrition. On the contrary, it makes us fit and lose weight easily by using more energy.

4. During the acupuncture application, serotonin and endorphin level increase in the body. This gives patients peace and provides sedation. Therefore, patients do not encounter the stress and tension because of not eating their wishes. As a result, one can continue to the diet calm and peacefully.

5. It has a role of regulating the metabolism rate. Since metabolism rate increases in the patients treated with acupuncture, they can lose weight more easily than other people.

There is no reason why not losing weight when all effects are considered. Acupuncture treatment is implemented 1 or 2 times in a week. The amount of lost weight depends on age, gender, medicine use and weight to be lose. This rate is approximately %10-15 of your current weight in 2 months. The international standards are 0.5-1 kg in week which is 2-4 kg in a month.

It is normal to lose 4-8 kg in a month in acupuncture. To lose weight in a healthy and permanent way, one should avoid fast weight loss. If the treatment considered as a marathon, one can complete the marathon by jogging not running fast.

After reaching ideal weight with acupuncture regardless of how your weight is, weight protection program begins. To do so, acupuncture application is reapplied 1-2 times in a month with magnetic ball for 4-6 months. During the program of weight protection, balanced and healthy nutrition is applied instead of diet. Therefore, weight is fixed and one can protect his or her form.

In any period of our lifespan, if one encounters shocking events for example;

- Pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage,
- Cortisone, hormone or intense anti-depression usage,
- Divorce, job left, bankrupt, losing someone or earthquake etc.

Disturbing weight gaining can happen.

If one encounters such events listed above, he or she should connect with his or her doctor while ideal weight is reached. Meantime, the person applying acupuncture treatment must be a doctor who has acupuncture training approved by the Ministry of Health.


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