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What is Cervical Disc Hernia?

What is Cervical Disc Hernia?

What is Cervical Disc Hernia?

Discs which serve as absorbers are comprised of connective tissue. Discs provide free motion between vertebral. More important thing is they distribute the pressure (during flection or heavy lifting) on vertebral from center to the edges equally. Inside of the disc contains a liquid like gel and outside of the disc is surrounded by a fibrous layer. Veins through the brain pass by nerves, vertebral and discs which give movement to hands and arms.

Working on the desk, on the computer hunchbacked, wearing high heeled shoes, being over-stressed, wrong bearing and sitting causes damages to the neck discs.

First, water amount inside the discs decreases, then small lacerations occurs on the fibers of the discs. Gel inside the disc spreads out from the lacerations and pressures to near tissues, veins and nerves. This is called cervical disc. As result of cervical disc, some problems occur such as, pain on the neck, shoulder, arms, between shoulder bones, head and dizziness, narcosis on the arms, feeling weakness on the arms, morning tiredness, tinnitus and ringing in the ears.

Acupuncture treats the structural damages of cervical disc. Effect of cervical disc treatment with acupuncture lasts long duration.

Impact Mechanism of Acupuncture on Cervical Disc Treatment

Acupuncture treats cervical disc by;

- Removing pain,
- Releasing the muscle,
- Loosening the edema,
- Providing psychological relief.

1. Removing pain:

Acupuncture stimulates the pain killers in the body. Needles used in the treatment stimulates endorphin in the body. Endorphin is a very strong pain killer special to human body. Therefore, the patient gets over the pain without taking pain killers.

2. Releasing the muscle:

Acupuncture stimulates neuromuscular blockers in the body. Gaba is released by stimulating Valium point front of the earlap.

3. Loosening the edema:

Acupuncture stimulates the substances which loosen the edema. By stimulating supernal glands from the ears, cortisone is released. Cortisone has a loosening effect on edemas. Cortisone loosens the edema occurred around cartilaginous tissue on the herniated spot and relieves the spot; therefore, the pressure on veins and nerves is removed.

4. Providing psychological relief:

Acupuncture stimulates the tranquilizers in the body. Acupuncture increases serotonin and endorphin level in the blood and gives patients peace and provides sedation.


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