Bio Cavitation

Bio Cavitation
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It is a non-invasive method; It is a safe and effective shaping device with a high technology. With low- frequency ultrasound waves, it does not damage other tissues and organs while breaking the fat cells in the area it works. It only reaches the depth to break down the fat cells. Fats released from the broken fat cells are eliminated through metabolic and physical ways. The results of bio cavitation have been scientifically proven.

What are the effective results of bio cavitation? In the measurements after each application; 1-thinning in adipose tissue

2-thinning is provided in the body area

Between 2 and 8 cm thinning can be recorded in each session in the treated area. This examination varies according to the patient, the adipose tissue and the lean diet that should be applied afterwards.

What is the mechanism of action of bio cavitation?

Bio cavitation breaks up fat cells using low frequency Ultrasound technology. Bubbles formed by ultrasound waves easily break these oil Membranes. Bubbles formed by ultrasound apply positive and negative energy to destroy the fat membranes. As a result, Bio cavitation produced with ultrasonic energy breaks down fat cell membranes and reduces the number of fat cells.

Special ultrasound, that is, acoustic sound waves, given at low frequency with bio cavitation, manifests itself in the form of dissolving in the fat cells in the working area and thinning in the area tissue.

How is bio cavitation applied?

It has a painless, painless, needle-free special probe, comfort is at maximum. Of course, no non- surgical system or method has the effect of directly removing the fat tissue from there. But with bio cavitation, lysis begins in the fat cells and turns into free fatty acids and becomes expendable by you. In other words, the patient's measurements are taken before entering the system and the measurement is taken again after the session. The result is truly hilarious.

What are the special conditions that should be done after the treatment?

In this treatment, which can be entered in 5 sessions with 10-day intervals for a single area, there is a 5-day diet protocol that the patient must follow after each session, which is given to you by your physician. After all, it is a fact that every intelligent person can realize that there will be no such thing as weight loss with miracle machines and systems without diet. But in order to consume the free fatty acids increased by 'bio cavitation', you need to follow a diet with near zero fat content for about 5 days. Because with "bio cavitation", it is provided to eat your own fat, that is, to convert it into energy. Slimming should not be limited to the reduction of fat cells and thinning of the area tissue alone. For a thin silhouette, it is necessary to regain skin elasticity.

The reason why your fellow of the same weight, height and same age looks thinner than you is nothing but tight skin.

Does it have an effect on sagging while weakening?

It increases skin elasticity. Therefore, it is a method that can also be effective in sagging.

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