Chin Filling

Chin Filling
: 2021-10-23 17:51:08
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What is chin filler

Jaw filling is one of the most important filling application areas for us to achieve the ideal proportion by providing the fibonacci ratios on our face. No matter how attractive we have cheeks, eyes, lips and noses, if our chin is further back and smaller than it should be, it will not make any sense. It is very common for the congenital chin seen in the chin to be small -micrognathi and backward. At the same time, over the years, gravity-related sagging and melting of the facial skeleton distorts the proportion and requires us to re-adjust our Fibonacci ratio.

When we divide the face into 3 parts, the most effective element of the lower face area, namely Upper Face-Mid Face-Lower face, is the chin and chin. We can provide an ideal balance for the whole face with the fillers with Hyaluronic Acid or Calcium hydroxyapetite applied to this area.

The chin filling application is a completely painless application and the procedure is performed within 5-6 minutes, and the desired result can be easily obtained without bleeding, bruises, pain. Jaw filling can be applied frequently to those with congenitally backward chin, small chin, pointed chin or wide chin.

While men prefer a sharper and wider chin tip, we prefer a more pointed and elegant chin tip for women. It is very common in women and men.

The biggest advantage is that the desired volume can be given with the chin filling and the desired shape can be obtained without a surgical procedure.

The permanence of the chin filler varies between 12-18 months, depending on the filler material applied.

As soon as the Jaw Filling is done, you can return to your daily life immediately. There will be no pain, bruising, bleeding. Jaw Filling application does not have any side effects.

In the application of chin filling, immediately after the application, the lubrication in the jowl area reduces the fat appearance, and the sagging of the chin and jowl are lightened, and the jowl is recovered there without any application to the under-chin area.

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