Laser Peeling

Laser Peeling
Tarih : 2021-10-23 18:36:03
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The difference of laser peeling: There is very superficial peeling, it does not exceed the peeling in superficial peeling. However, by affecting the deeper layers with the effect of heat, it causes the sudden contraction of the collagen. Even a few days after the procedure, facial stretching is noticed.

The healing and repair process that occurs creates a tension close to that of a facelift in approximately 4-6 weeks. Since the damage is not much, the healing is faster and has no side effects, and it can be reapplied after a month if desired. Very easy in application; numbing creams applied to the face are sufficient and no additional anesthesia is required.

Since the peeling is superficial during the healing process, only moisturizing and antibiotic creams are sufficient and healing takes place in 3-4 days.

Conditions that can be easily treated with laser peeling:

-Wrinkles and stains due to the sun, except for spots and scars.

-Age marks, wrinkles, spots, sagging.

A more improvement can be achieved in acne scars than dermabrasion.

Collagens formed by the effect of heat close the pits better and narrow the enlarged pores. Laser peeling, which will be easily applied in this winter season and will limit the stay at home to 4 days;

The fastest and most effective method of getting rid of wrinkles, blemishes and age marks and acne scars. Its easy application does not require an operating room and anesthesia, and its price is considerably lower than dermabrasion and deep laser peeling applied in the hospital.

Although all facial wrinkles can be treated with Laser Peeling, wrinkles created by sun damage, especially around the lips and eyes, are best treated. Acne scars or scars after surgery and trauma can be treated, but deep scars may not heal completely. Many benign signs of aging on the face can also be easily treated.

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