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What is cellulite and how does it occur?

cellulite; It is an aesthetic disorder caused by enlargement of fat cells, microcirculatory failure and connective tissue disorder. Fat cells expand excessively and compress the micro blood circulation around the cell, thereby disrupting the circulation in that area.

Disruption of circulation causes fluid accumulation, which we call edema. As a result of all these, damage develops in the connective tissue that cannot be fed adequately and cannot receive oxygen. Due to this connective tissue damage, recessions occur on the skin. Depending on the degree of this damage, the type of cellulite varies.

As a result, it emerges as a condition that the organism cannot control, cannot be treated with diet, exercise and creams, and the degree of damage increases as the duration progresses. The simplest diagnostic method for cellulitis; is manual control. If lumps appear under the skin when the suspicious area is squeezed with both hands, cellulite formation is most likely.

What are the clinical types of cellutin?

In fibrous cellulitis, expansion in adipose tissue and dystrophy in connective tissue are in the foreground. Cellulite tissue is loose, has an advanced orange peel appearance. In nodular cellulitis, on the other hand, there is a cellulite appearance when standing and hard nodules are palpable in places.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy; It is a painless method of injecting small amounts of pharmacological vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, homeopathic medicines into the middle layer of the skin (dermis) in a mixture. These mixtures are given with very fine needles to the required areas depending on the condition to be treated.

In which countries is mesotherapy used?

Mesotherapy is a medical technique originating in France. It was first developed and used by the French doctor Pistor in 1952. After more than 50 years, it has been widely used in European countries such as France, Spain, Italy, and North and South American countries.

What are the uses of mesotherapy?

The clinical usage area of mesotherapy is quite wide. This minimally invasive approach gives successful results in the treatment of many diseases such as hair loss, cellulite, regional fat excess, sports injuries, musculoskeletal system diseases.

How is mesotherapy applied?

Mesotherapy is a treatment method in which superficial intradermal or subcutaneous application is made in the form of injections. It should definitely be applied by a doctor experienced in this field. A mixture is obtained by combining many different drugs according to the state of the pathology. The drug mixture is given near the site of the pathology. In this way, the effectiveness of the treatment increases.

Mesotherapy has advantages such as the possibility of applying locally (locally), its high active bioavailability, less side effects and longer session intervals compared to other routine applications. Since the drugs are injected into the area of the pathology, they are given in lesser amounts. In this way, while the potency increases, the possibility of side effects decreases.


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