Thermalipo Body Radiofrequency

Thermalipo Body Radiofrequency
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Radiofrequency in Cellulite Treatment and Regional Slimming!

Thermalipo works with the selective heating effect principle of Radiofrequency technology. It acts on the deep dermis and adipose tissue, where collagen is produced, without damaging the skin, nerves and blood vessels. With this painless application, a significant tightening of the tissue and a decrease in fat volume are achieved. Thermalipo has AMFLI (Automatic Multi Frequency and Low Impedance) technology.

What is AMFLI Technology?

Thermalipo uses a combination of automatic multi-frequency and low impedance (AMFLI) technologies. Radiofrequency waves of different frequencies reach different depths in the tissue. Considering the clinical studies showing the success of AMFLI technology, it is observed that high energy is transformed into heat instantly and quickly, without causing any damage to the skin and subcutaneous tissues with epidermal cooling.

High frequency has a great effect on the surface of the tissue. The lower frequency, on the other hand, affects deeper. Frequency values are high enough to produce collagen and low enough to destroy local fat and cellulite.

In the same session, it performs cellulite, regional thinning and effective recovery processes in tissue laxity in the same area.


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