Needle Free Mesotherapy

Needle Free Mesotherapy
: 2021-10-23 18:04:45
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The reason for the strong effect of the device; Unlike classical mesotherapies, the patented aquaphoresis method is used and the necessary solutions can be given to the deep tissues painlessly without the use of needles.

Thanks to the needle-free sessions, there is absolutely no bruising, swelling and pain, so there is no need to hide the body between sessions.

With its dual laser technology and amplified energy impulses, the device acts on collagen, provides tightening, regional thinning and therefore weakening.

As a gospel, it should be noted that; Cellulite is no longer a women's nightmare. • The most comfortable, effective and reliable approach to cellulite

• Painless

• Needle-free (solutions are applied to the lower layers by the summary method) • Non-bruising

• Simultaneously performing lifting and tightening in the applied area. • Regional thinning (non-invasive fat dissolve-lypolisis)

Its effect has been scientifically proven by university studies (color doppler, thermal homogenity and micro blood flow increase, radioisotope lymphography gamma planar scanner).

Computerized Body Analysis

- Measurement Parameters

- Segmentary Tissue Mass, Segmentary Muscle Ratio

- Body shape chart

- Body fluid (ODEM) , Protein, Mineral, Body fat mass - (BFM) , Skeletal Muscle mass (SMM)

- BMI (Body Mass Index), Body Fat Ratio (PBF), Waist Hip Ratio (WHR)

- Obesity rating

- Body composition monitoring in the last 10 measurements

- Segmentary impedance for each frequency.

In this way, we can professionally determine the results of our diet and regional slimming cellulite treatments based on scientific evidence.

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