Led Therapy Youth Light

Led Therapy Youth Light
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Led Therapy, like all other light treatments, is a treatment method that allows the skin to heal itself. The most important feature of the Led Therapy application is that it activates the skin and shortens the renewal process.

Led Therapy devices have 4 different heads developed for different applications. Red, green, blue and yellow diodes are used in the treatment. This light activates the collagen tissue under the skin. For this reason, the recovery period after surgery is shorter. In this process, which accelerates the self-renewal of the skin, a rapid healing of the scar tissue, reduction in edema and revascularization are accelerated.

You do not need to chase the seasons to have the Led Therapy application, because this application does not increase the sensitivity to the sun.


- Although there is no side effect after the treatment, there is no difficulty in daily life.

- It can be used safely in people who do not take medication due to pregnancy or complication concerns.

- It is effective for people who are weak due to antibiotic resistance.

- Effective and safe for all skin types.

- It is a painless procedure.

- It can be applied on large areas such as the entire face or chest area. * Does not require maintenance after application.

Areas where Youth Light (Led Therapy) is used: * In spots due to sun and aging,

- In all kinds of tissue regeneration,

- Acne treatment,

- Anti aging / fine wrinkles,

- In order to accelerate post-operative wound healing,

- In the treatment of some skin cancers,

- In the treatment of muscle and joint pain,

- In non-healing skin ulcers,

- In the treatment of skin tumors and warts,

- In vitiligo disease,

- In psoriasis, which is known as psoriasis in the medical language,

- Temporarily increasing blood circulation.

Factor Mechanism

Blue light; Acne contains Porphyrins bacteria. Thanks to its high affinity, blue light is at a wavelength that can kill Porphyrins bacteria. Blue light has a soothing effect on hypersensitive skin.

Green light; It calms the skin and takes away its sensitivity. Suitable for combination skin types. The green light targets the cells that produce melanocytes. It inhibits the production of excess melanin, preventing your melanin from rising to the surface of the skin. It prevents discoloration of existing spots by breaking down the melanin accumulation.

Yellow light; It creates a detox effect by regulating the blood and lymph circulation system of the skin and helps to remove the redness of the skin. It can be used to suppress early shingles.

Red light; Stimulates collagen production. Collagen is the most important protein used in repairing damaged tissues and replacing old tissues with new ones. It tightens the pores. It is very good in relieving swelling after surgery and in the treatment of prominent wrinkles.

Red + Blue Light Combination; It soothes oily skin and severe acne-prone cases by applying red and blue light together. The treatment protocol is the same as for red light. It allows the skin to react more effectively with two different pulse modes that allow the treatment to take effect quickly.

Warnings and precautions regarding Led Therapy: According to the studies, no side effects were detected.

Some people may have light sensitivity. Those with light sensitivity (photosensitivity) should be tested beforehand.

This treatment is not applied to patients with epilepsy.

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