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SCIO is a high-tech complementary medicine device that finds health problems and energy imbalances in humans.

SCIO detects viruses, allergies, food sensitivities and deficiencies in the body, by detecting the body's biological reactions and vibrations.

This information informs us about the body's needs, dysfunctions and current damages.

This information differs from standard medical tests because it tells us about the energetic state of the body.

SCIO scans the body like virus scanner programs on computers. It scans many information such as viruses, organ weaknesses, allergies, anomalies and food sensitivities in the body and gives information about imbalances. Unlike common medical tests such as x-rays and blood tests, SCIO provides information about the energetic state of the body and the direction in which it focuses this energy.

How does SCIO work?

SCIO works with the principles of quantum physics. The basic building blocks of quantum biofeedback therapy are that the body is electrical in nature, capable of self-healing when the right conditions or stimuli are provided, and will make self-healing changes as one's awareness increases. Simply put, the SCIO detects the body's vibration and responses during treatment; detects the differences between the previous measurement and the next measurement value. If there is no improvement, it changes the vibration values. It preserves all the beneficial values for the body and restores the deteriorated ones.

SCIO measures vitamin levels, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, sugars, toxins, hormone levels, muscle tone, diseases, viruses, bacteria, fungi and the health and balance of internal organs in the body and compares these data with “normal data”.

How does SCIO make a difference?

SCIO, a device that does not harm body integrity, scans the whole body and provides information about energy imbalances.

This advanced technology device detects viruses, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, sensitivities to nutrients and traumas in the body. It also detects vitamin levels, amino acid levels, hormone, bacteria and enzyme levels. Thanks to the large data bank, the areas that need treatment are determined with the comparisons made.

What can SCIO do for you?

The therapeutic effects of SCIO find solutions to many health conditions, from the simplest complaints such as toothache to complex diseases.

Recognition of problem areas: Under the control of a trained physician, sensitive energy imbalances are detected and possible causes of the disease are determined. Awareness is provided at the conscious level about the processes in the subconscious.

Energy therapy: SCIO provides the energy balance of the body by using about 50 different therapeutic energies as well as diagnosis. In this context, it has functions such as providing energy flow, removing blockages, eliminating pathogenic microorganisms using zap frequencies, balancing emotional states, accelerating the body's healing functions, allergy treatment, detoxification, balancing the chakras.

The physician performing SCIO recommends necessary lifestyle changes, such as correcting nutritional deficiencies, which is the next step towards a healthier life.

During treatment with SCIO, recovery begins immediately or after a while. The healing process starts slowly inside; In follow-up, this reaction stimulates the chain healing process and provides significant improvement. While some acute events heal in a single session, chronic, i.e. long-standing problems, require more SCIO sessions.

SCIO embodies technology far beyond a diagnostic tool. Inside the SCIO, there are many programs that, after measuring the body's frequencies, feed their own frequencies to repair and neutralize harmful waves. The measured frequencies are in some cases amplified, in other cases inverted to enhance or neutralize the body's frequencies.

SCIO shows not only the negative aspects of the body, but also the positive aspects. However, since our aim is to restore and revitalize health, we focus more on the negative aspects.

Frequently asked Questions Is SCIO a diagnostic device?

No, SCIO is not a stand-alone diagnostic device. This device does not cure when administered by a non-physician user. However, when used by a physician, it provides very useful diagnostic information.

Does SCIO cure diseases?

We know that the body has the ability to heal itself under the right conditions. SCIO plays a role in removing barriers to wellness through stress reduction and relaxation; It does this by sensing specific stress factors in the body and in the electrical field.

Will I feel anything during the session?

Most patients do not feel anything, as the SCIO sends signals that match the biological frequency (1/1000th of a second). People who are extremely sensitive to vibrations may feel a very slight twitch under the bands.

How soon will I start seeing results?

It all depends on the patient's condition, lifestyle and the extent to which he or she receives the frequencies. We generally recommend continuing for four sessions to see the effect of the treatment.

How many sessions do I need to regain my health?

There are many factors, from the patient's lifestyle to the initial health level. Some patients need several sessions over a period of 4-5 weeks and a session every 4-6 weeks in the following period. Some patients require more intensive treatment.

How often can I come to the sessions?

After a standard session, the body needs 72 to 100 hours to fully integrate the frequencies it receives. More frequent testing is not recommended. Depending on the condition of the disease or complaint, a treatment is applied once a week or once a month as a result of the physician's recommendation.

Are there any side effects associated with this treatment?

Most patients do not report any side effects. In general, the feedback after the session indicates that one is more energetic.

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