Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments
: 2021-10-23 18:37:05
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Vascular lesions:


Acne Rosacea

Cherry angioma

Spider angioma

venous pooling


Blue facial veins (varicose lesion on the face) Blue and purple wine stains

red wine stains

Color change (stains) due to vascular lesions New vessel structures (neovascularization) Pigmentation disorders:


Postpartum Spots (Melasma)

facial freckles

Dermatosis Papulosis Nigra

Poikiloderma Civatte

Skin lesions:

age spots


Benign skin papillary extensions (skin tag) Acne (Acne)

Leg varicose veins (less than 4 mm):

purple leg varicose veins

Red leg heir

Blue leg heir

Skin Rejuvenation (Rejuvenation):

Color correction (Face, neck, décolleté and hands)

Correction of skin structure (Face, neck, décolleté and hands)

Wrinkle removal (Face, neck, décolleté and hands)

Skin tightening (Collagen activation)

Regarding body hair:

Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent hair reduction

Treatment of shaving-induced ingrown hair (Pseudofolliculitis barbea)

It is a laser system that can do 93% of the therapies performed with 42 FDA-approved lasers in the world alone.

I PULSE Therapies:


Pigment (Stain) Treatment

Photorejuvenation (Skin Rejuvenation)

Phototightening (Percent Tightening)

Telangiectasia (thin capillary vessels on the face) Treatment Acne Treatment (Definite result in acne)

Lumenis One Laser

All Types of Pigment (Stain) Treatments:


Stains due to cosmetics (berlock dermatitis)

age spots


Freckles (lentigo)

Deep spots (nevi)

Cafe au lait spots - Pregnancy-related spots (Melasma) Skin tightening and sagging treatments (Laser Skin Toning) Skin Rejuvenation (Laser Skin Rejuvenation)

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