4D Rope Aesthetics

4D Rope Aesthetics
Tarih : 2021-10-23 17:07:40
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With the 4-dimensional facial rejuvenation technique, it is now possible to obtain a more taut, bright and beautiful skin. The reason why it is called 4 dimensional here is the application of a 4-layer process, the deepest skin layer with ulthera and special pdo threads, the middle plans with ulthera pdo threads, gold needle radiofrequency and calcium hydroxiappetite hyaluronic acid fillers and the most superficial layer with laser innofacial skin therapies at the same time according to the needs of the person to be applied. It is based on determining the combination and applying it.

Over the years, sagging and wrinkles occur on our skin due to aging. In addition, an irregular life, alcohol, unnecessary make-up are also factors that make the skin pale and accelerate aging. As this situation continues, the appearance of the skin becomes dull and leaves its place to a stained and pale skin. As a result of the studies carried out to eliminate these effects, certain methods have emerged. While most of these emerging methods are aesthetic with surgery, non-surgical aesthetics has started to come to the fore in the technology and the advancement of science.

With the 4-dimensional facial rejuvenation technique, the signs of aging, sagging, wrinkles and spots on your skin are eliminated, resulting in a more vibrant and smoother appearance. Thanks to this procedure, sagging skin is recovered and lifted. Ulthera fillings with pdo or silicone threads, the skin removed with gold needle rf laser resists sagging, the skin gets a smooth appearance, a new skin texture is formed and the skin is tightened.

Finally, the skin is plumped and revitalized. This method, which is divided into 4 stages in this way, is called 4-dimensional facial rejuvenation. The 4-dimensional facial rejuvenation method has provided the rejuvenation of the skin of many people with the effect it has created. It has become a method preferred by many people to get very good results with the 4-dimensional facial rejuvenation technique, which is also applied according to the structure of the skin, and to rejuvenate without surgery. Its permanence varies between 2 and 5 years, it is applied individually.

4D Rope Aesthetics usage areas

- The lines descending from the edge of the nose to the edge of the mouth, which we call the nasolabial fold,

- Sagging cheeks,

- Forehead deep lines and wrinkles,

- Jaw line sagging,

- Brow lift,

- Under-eye bags,

- Sagging under the chin and jowl,

- Eye corner Crow's feet,

- Sagging in the fold from the corner of the mouth to the chin, which we call the Marionette line, - Deep wrinkles on the forehead and neck.

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