Beard Mustache Favorite Transplantation

Beard Mustache Favorite Transplantation
: 2021-10-23 16:49:40
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-Roots are taken one by one

-It is planted at the natural angle it should be everywhere - Roots are planted without cutting the skin

-It is taken and planted without pain.

-Beards come out one by one

Beard is not like hair, it can be very different from person to person. Someone with a markedly sparse beard may not be bothered by this. For this reason, a beard is not needed very often in planting.

If there is a regional beard loss, in this case, the beard density in the surrounding area is planned and harmonized with the environment. If the beard is completely absent, in this case, 1000-2000 roots can be planted depending on the frequency and limit desired by the person. When planting only the mustache area, planting between 400-800 roots is sufficient. The beard normally grows as a single or double beard and at different angles in every part of the face.

In planting with the FUE PLUS technique, it is very difficult to distinguish the transplanted beard from the normal beard, as the roots are planted as one or two, and at the natural angle they should be in each region. In the FUE PLUS technique, the roots are taken one by one without surgery with 0.7 mm tips and the roots are planted with 0.7 mm cillits at the same time without waiting, so that there is neither a trace nor a trace in the planting place, and because the roots do not wait for hours, there is no root death due to lack of oxygen.

When considering beard transplantation with the FUE technique, if there are not enough roots on the neck of the person, the roots can be taken from other hairy parts of the body.


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