Fue Plus Method

Fue Plus Method
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Before the procedure in Fue plus hair transplantation, your hair is analyzed with a hair computer, how many hair follicles (hair grafts) will be planted, and how much will be planted, and then, with the most powerful and most effective special hair laser in the world, dermohairlaser, strengthening the hair follicles and increasing the vitality of the hair. Before the procedure, all your blood tests, PRP, Hair STEM CELL materials are taken with special kits and the Fue Plus hair transplant procedure is started.

First of all, if we need it, your natural front hairline is drawn with special standards. Then the special stages of FUE PLUS hair transplantation will begin.

1st stage If your hair loss is excessive, then your hair is shortened with a special razor and local anesthesia is started.

2nd stage The hair area where the hair follicles will be taken, that is, the area where the hair follicles are theoretically insensitive to androgenetic alopecia, which is below the horizontal line where the tops of the two ears are joined, is anesthetized, providing both patient comfort and Fue plus Hair transplantation process.

3th stage: The hair follicles, namely hair grafts, are taken one by one from the numbed hair area with special technological micro-surgical punches. The procedure begins. Average 3000-5500 hair follicle grafts or 8.000-13,000 hair strands can be taken in one session. These follicles are mixed with special hair solutions and stem cell solution. It is kept in the mixture to preserve its health, vitality and quality until it is planted.

4th stage Hair channels are opened with the special channel opening technique for FUE PLUS in the areas where the hair openings we have determined by drawing before, this is the most technical and most important step, and at this stage, when the hair grows, it is ensured that the hair looks more natural and more dense than the planted.

At this stage, the hair stem cell grafts, which we previously took from the lower part of the junction of the two ears and kept in the special PRP Hair STEM CELL solutions and the cabinet, are transplanted one by one into the specially opened channels with the FUE PLUS technique. And the FUE PLUS HAIR TRANSPLANTATION process is completed.

Advantages of Fue Plus hair transplantation

It is the only Fue Plus hair transplant in Turkey that is more frequent, seamless, and denser, due to the use of microsurgical punch approved by the

1. World Hair Surgery Association.

2. It is the absence of pain and aching sensation during the Fue Plus Method.

3. After Fue Plus, you have the chance to comb your hair freely in all directions and to have it cut in the desired model.

4. The fact that 10 days after Fue Plus, hairdressers, people around you and even doctors will not be able to understand that you have had a hair transplant.

5. You will not experience swelling, bruising on your face, eyelids and swelling on your forehead after Fue Plus

6. Performing your Fue Plus procedure in the operating room under sterile private hospital conditions

7. Thanks to the Fue Plus method, hair transplantation is performed 1.5-2 times more than other techniques.

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