Jawline Padding

Jawline Padding
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Jawline Filler - What is Diamond Lift?

Sharpening and sharpening the diamond lift cheeks, making the preauricular region, the region descending from the front of the ear to the chin prominent, making the jawline, that is, the jawline, which is located at the corner of the edge of the chin located under the earlobe, and the main jawline line from here to the chin tip, sharp and prominent, and the tip of the chin in women. In male patients, it is the process of making it more angular, masculine and wider.

It is essential that the filling materials applied here are applied to the bone platform, that they have high lift, that is, lifting feature and that they definitely do not bulge and have a maximum upward lifting capacity.

All over the world, in proportion to the Fibonacci values, a common beauty and attractiveness was created in the facial area of men and women. In this application, a pointed, triangular very feminine chin in women and a sharp V line extending from this chin to the front of the ear were defined.

In men, a prominent and masculine chin with wide corners, a prominent and sharp jawline, and a very prominent angular chin edge and a square-like line that continues sharply towards the front of the ear are defined.

Depending on the type of filling materials with high lifting capacity applied, the durability of the jawline diamond lift application continues for 12-18 months. It has no side effects. It can be applied with very fine-tipped needles or microcannulas without needles. you can do it.

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