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Dr. Emre Çiçek received his training on Ulthera non-surgical facelift in 2010 from Harvard University Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Matthew White and Prof. Dr. Named after Diane Duncan.

Ultrasound, with its most known definition, is a technology that allows to monitor the fetus in the womb. Now, with the same technology, sagging, wrinkled skin and low eyebrows that have lost their elasticity are lifted with the ulthera non-surgical face lift system without the need for surgery.

Ulthera facelift is a technology that laser technologies cannot solve, and it is a technology that aims to solve the face lift operation, which can only be achieved with surgical operations, without injection, without the need for a healing process, without risk. After the Ultherapy face lift application, which takes 40 minutes for the whole face, the people who have the application can return to their daily activities immediately. The technology called 'Deep see' used in the Ultherapy face lift system creates 'hot spots' in the lower layers of the skin with 'focus ultrasound'. In this way, the skin begins to produce new collagen by creating its own repair process, and the tightening and 'lifting' effect on the skin begins to manifest itself. The skin, which starts to recover immediately after the application, reaches the desired ideal appearance at the end of 3 months. The facelift result obtained after a single application is preserved for up to 2 years.

Ulthera - What is Ultherapy? Our facial expressions say a lot. We often define our wrinkles as 'experience' and our sad appearance as 'fatigue'. As a solution to these, 'aesthetic surgery' is always the first option. But now there is a new method, the Ulthera facelift. With Ultherapy, a non-surgical facelift lifting method, it is possible to prevent the damage caused by time and gravity on our skin.

With Ultherapy facelift (non-surgical facelift), the 'beautiful and taut appearance' that occurs after a single 40-minute application occurs with the strengthening of the connective tissue under the skin, as the skin creates its own healing process. With a single ulthera facelift application, the regeneration process starts immediately, but the full results are seen after an average of 90 days.

The FDA (American quality standards center) detected a visible lift-up effect in the facelift eyebrow lift study conducted in 9 out of 10 patients. This effect has created a reduction in relaxation around the eyes and wrinkles in the eyelids. It is effective in reducing the neck and jowl area, tightening and recovery, recovery in low cheekbones, and correction of the chin contour in cases where the chin contour is lost.

People who have undergone ultherapy facelift application to the neck and face area stated that they have tighter, more taut and better quality skin. Considered the most 'preferred' technology of recent days in America as an alternative to surgical facelift surgeries in non-surgical facelift, considered the gold standard in skin lifting and tightening. Ulthera device, which received the "Best non-surgical skin tightener" award of @newbeauty magazine for 7 years in a row, has been in our clinic since 2010. We are one of the oldest and most intensive users in Turkey.

Ultrasound, to describe it simply, is a system that allows us to monitor the baby in the womb and monitor its health, development and even gender. With the ultherapy system, in which this technology is modified by activating focused ultrasound energy on skin rejuvenation, it is very effective in the treatment of skin elasticity, recovery of wrinkles and sagging on the face and cheeks, raising the eyebrows and drooping eyelids by raising the eyebrows, with the treatment of problematic smas tissue, not by heart, not blindly, according to the subcutaneous tissue. offers results.

Ulthera is the only system in the world that can treat the skin's SMAS layer, which can not be descended with Laser radiofrequency plasma technologies, which can only be surgically descended, which is usually between 3.0 and 4.5 mm in depth, without surgery, painless, bleeding and incision.

The treatment takes an average of 25-35 minutes for the eyelids, low eyebrows, cheeks and jowl. With Ulthera patented DEEP SEE technology and focused ultrasound technology, it creates a kind of shrinkage of collagen and elastin by leaving micro heat spots in the applied areas in the 1.5mm (superficial plane)-3.0mm (mid plane) and 4.5mm (deep plane) layers of the skin. In providing activation, our connective tissue becomes active, plus, since our body is programmed to self-repair, it will lift the skin vectorally. It reveals the effect of tightening and lifting effect on the skin with this mechanism.

Ultherapy is applied in a single session and its effectiveness occurs between 2 months and 3 months after half an hour of application, and its permanence continues up to 18 months.

How is Ultherapy Procedure Applied? Ulthera application is made with ulthera special probe. The probe is contacted with the skin by means of a special gel. Subcutaneous 1.5mm superficial 3mm medium and 4.5mm deep layers are seen and treated simultaneously, UNIQUE IN THE WORLD UNIQUE SIMULTANEOUSLY SKIN SURFACE IS ABSOLUTELY NOT AFFECTED DIRECT SUBSKIN 1.5mm superficial 3mm medium and 4.5mm deep layers are treated in an average of 1 session, with an average of 9.000 to 12.000 micro heat points on the entire face, 1.5mm superficial 3mm medium and

4.5mm deep layers in 3 subcutaneous planes, shrinkage and the activation of collagen and connective tissue provides the opportunity to treat facial sagging and wrinkles.

What is the Difference of Ultherapy from Focused Ultrasound? It is the only and unique system in the world that simultaneously sees the 1.5mm superficial, 3mm middle and 4.5mm deep layers under the skin and treats the problematic areas by leaving micro heat points on the areas that need to be treated. IT IS THE ONLY SYSTEM WITH AMERICAN FDA APPROVAL With pain relief tablets and local anesthetic before the procedure It is a very comfortable systemic treatment when applied with creams. After the application, the person can return to his normal life without any problems, bleeding, bruising, redness on the skin surface, without any problems. It has no side effects. Do not be fooled by the misleading information published in places such as sour dictionary, women's club that you will come across on the internet.

The people who were treated stated that their cheek sagging improved, their skin tightened, the chin line and chin contour became sharper, their jowl and neck sagging and wrinkles improved, their neck and jowls tightened. .

What are Ultherapy Prices?

For detailed information about Ultherapy price, you can come to our clinic in Istanbul Nişantaşı and have a coffee and get more detailed information about the procedures and prices.

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