Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy
: 2021-10-23 17:21:56
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Without oxygen, there is no metabolism, no energy goes to the skin and body cells, the skin loses its firmness and looks tired. Wrinkles and all the signs of premature aging occur.

What is the importance of oxygen for the skin?

Energy is required for cells to reproduce and perform their functions. Oxygen is essential for all cells in the body to generate energy. New cells in the skin are formed by the basal layer, which is the lowest layer of the epidermis. Since there are no blood vessels in the epidermis, the necessary

oxygen for this event is obtained from the blood vessels in the dermis. Cells obtain the necessary oxygen from the intercellular space (biomatrix) by using the oxygen in the air. This feature is used in the application.

What are the visible consequences of a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the skin?

The amount of oxygen in the skin decreases with aging and toxins containing free radicals increase. This situation impairs the functions of the cells. As a result, the subcutaneous connective tissue loosens, lines appear on the skin, it becomes lifeless and pale. Needle-free, sensitive, effective and painless!

What kind of positive changes can be provided to the skin with oxygen therapy?

With OXYJET STAR, pressurized oxygen infusion is done without a needle, and a significant reduction in wrinkles on the face and neck, revitalization of the skin structure and an increase in its quality is achieved without any pain. Special ionized OXYJET BEAUTY TOX products are used in the application. The OXYJET STAR is one of the most advanced oxygenotherapy devices. It is a system similar to insulin and vaccination methods that have been used in medicine for about 30 years. Specially formulated cosmetic products and pure oxygen are injected into the lower layers of the epidermis. The ingredients of the cosmetic products used are stored in the skin thanks to the pressure oxygen device oxyjet star. it is permanent.

Excellent results can be achieved when oxygenotherapy is combined with Ultrapeel Microdermabrasion.

What is oxygen therapy used for?

* The skin becomes lively, smooth and radiant. * Effective against sunspots.

* There is a visible reduction in wrinkles.

* Helps revitalize tissues.

* Oxygen reaching the lower layers of the skin accelerates the metabolism and ensures the removal of toxins accumulated in the body. As a result, acne and similar problems due to toxin accumulation are eliminated.

What are the results and effects of oxygen therapy? * Antiaging

* Antiacne

* Anticellulite

* Chest and face lift

* Anti-pigmentation (Spot Treatment)

* Wrinkle Treatment

* Restructuring and revitalizing the skin damaged by external factors (sun, cold, solarium) * Removal of skin pigmentation caused by various reasons (aging, sun, solarium)

* To improve the skin with acne and blackheads

What are the session intervals and number of oxygen therapy sessions?

The number and interval of sessions in care with oxygen therapy vary according to the condition of the skin, the age of the patient and the purpose of the application. The interval of sessions varies from 1 application in 4 days to 1 application per week. The number of sessions in a cure is between 3 and 10. There are also maintenance cures that are done 3 or 5 days in a row.

How are active substances delivered under the skin in oxygen therapy?

In normal skin care, cosmetic products applied to the skin require a long time to be absorbed by the skin, and this absorption can never be advanced. In oxygen therapy application, both oxygen and application products are delivered to the lowest layer of the epidermis by using ionized special products and serums together with pressurized oxygen. Oxygen and ionized products are transported through the space between the epidermis cells (biomatrix) under the optimal oxygen pressure without damaging the epidermal barrier. The products and oxygen in the content are absorbed from the blood vessels and show their therapeutic effect. With this application, oxygen and active substances are transported to the lowest layers of the skin in a very short time without needles, and a depot of active substances is formed in the targeted area. With the application, special ionized products and oxygen that have a refreshing effect on the skin are carried directly to the desired depth in the problematic areas of the skin, and the energy needed by the cells and the substances that are deficient in the subcutaneous tissue are provided.

Why is Oxygenotherapy recommended especially for sensitive skin?

Applying oxygen and special active substances to the skin with a special oxygen gun is a gentle method. Active substances used with oxygen have moisturizing and soothing effects on the skin. It removes the sensitivity that may occur especially in people with sensitive skin. It also increases blood circulation and cell metabolism, and strengthens the immune system.

What kind of positive reactions does the breathing of oxygen create in the body during care?

Oxygen Inhalation is the inhalation of 98% pure oxygen in the amount of 3 liters/minute for 15-20 minutes. Due to smoking, air pollution, physical and mental stress, we need more oxygen day by day. Insufficient amount of oxygen in the body causes fatigue, exhaustion, depression, lack of concentration and decreased resistance in people. With oxygen inhalation, it provides a significant increase in concentration, performance and resistance along with relaxation and revitalization in the body.

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