Endymed Gold Needle Radiofrequency

Endymed Gold Needle Radiofrequency
: 2021-10-23 17:47:48
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Although it is the classical application of the radiofrequency method, which has been used in the medical field for many years, it has been used for a long time in the fields of skin and cosmetology. However, developing technology has helped this method to evolve considerably. Thus, by adding new features to the classical radiofrequency method, it has emerged as a very effective method. The first of these new features is the fractionalization of the radiofrequency method. The difference of this technique is that the force to be applied is not as a whole, but penetrates the skin from many small points side by side. However, damage is minimized by keeping intact tissues in between.

In this way, “fractional radiofrequency” devices, which are second generation radiofrequency devices, have taken their place in the market. Another new feature added after this stage is the third generation radiofrequency devices that deliver energy flow into the skin with micro-needles.

The current output unit of the radiofrequency device equipped with micro-needles bypasses the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin, and reaches the middle layer called the dermis. The lengths of the needles used vary between 0.5 and 3.0 mm. Since the needles used here are made of gold, this method is also called "golden needle" and much better results are obtained with much less damage.

For this application; Fractional Radiofrequency, Needle Fractional Radiofrequency, Gold Needle, Fractional Needle Radiofrequency, Needle Radiofrequency are also used. It's all the same application.


What are the usage areas of fractional radiofrequency application?

Treatment of skin wrinkles,

Skin regeneration and improving its quality,

Treatment of pregnancy stretch marks,

Sagging of the face, neck, décolleté,

Treatment of sagging in arms and legs,

Treatment of acne scars,

In the treatment of skin blemishes,

Scar treatment,

Treatment of cracks due to various reasons such as weight gain and loss, Compression of pores.

How is fractional radiofrequency application (Golden Needle) performed?

Depending on technological developments, Fractional radiofrequency (Golden Needle) application is more comfortable in advanced new devices. Of course, anesthetic creams are also used before the Golden Needle application in order to reduce the feeling of pain. One of the most important advantages of the application is that it can be done in all seasons. When Endymed Gold Needle Radiofrequency application is applied to the face area, the process takes an average of 30 minutes.

It is applied as 2 sessions with 1 month intervals to increase skin quality and remove wrinkles. More treatments may be required for acne scars or scars. After the procedure, there may be some redness and sometimes slight crusting, but the redness will only last 1-2 days. You can return to your daily life with a suitable concealer that will naturally cover the redness. It takes a few weeks to see the effect of this process. The maximum effect is seen 3-4 weeks after the last session. After the application, regular use of moisturizing cream and sunscreen cream should not be neglected.

In which situations should Gold Needle Radiofrequency not be applied?

Presence of active infection in the application area, Pregnancy, Herpes (herpes) status, Pacemaker patients, Cancer patients, Epilepsy patients.

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