Challenger Regional Slimming Cellulite Treatment

Challenger Regional Slimming Cellulite Treatment
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Challenger Inverse Osmosis, designed to solve the problem of local weight and cellulite, provides fat loss and regulates the appearance of cellulite. moreover, without surgery, pain, ache or similar side effects.

The Challenger Inverse Osmosis advanced cavitation system is a method that uses ultrasound energy to break down fat and treat the appearance of cellulite. Before the recommended application, it is necessary to take the body measurements of the person to be treated and to photograph the area to be treated.

Then, after a maximum of 30-40 minutes of application to the problem area, the result of the re- measurement is 2-10 cm on average. between thinning. When this application is completed, a significant reduction in the appearance of 'orange peel', that is, cellulite, is detected along with a serious thinning in the body.

Of course, there are some rules to be considered during and after the Challenger Inverse Osmosis advanced cavitation process, which is a serious slimming method. Not consuming oil within 5 days following the application and walking, jogging, aerobics etc. for a minimum of 25 minutes for once. It needs to be a demanding activity.

In this treatment, which can be entered in 6 sessions with 7-day intervals for a single area, there is a 5-day nutrition protocol that the patient should follow after each session, which is given to you by your doctor. Slimming should not be limited to the reduction of fat cells and thinning of the area tissue. It is necessary to regain its elasticity. The reason why your fellow of the same weight, height

and age looks thinner than you is nothing but tight skin. It also increases skin elasticity. Therefore, it is also an effective method in sagging.

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