Medical Skin Care

Medical Skin Care
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Skin care is applied to protect and improve skin quality. It is recommended to have skin care once a month by gaining a good cleaning habit from adolescence.

With a professional care, it is possible to preserve the freshness and health of the skin for a long time. The important point is that if you are a specialist esthetician and a correct skin analysis by the doctor, the products and procedures used in the care are suitable for the characteristics of the skin.


* Basic Skin (refining) - Lifting Care

* Treatment against acne - Treatment against blemishes (AHA) * Couperose care - Eye area

* Moisture balancing care (for allergic skin)

How is skin type determined?

Before starting the care in our clinic, a comprehensive skin analysis is performed, and thus, after deciding whether the skin is oily, dry, normal mature or sensitive, considering the oil, moisture and elasticity ratio, programs suitable for your skin are arranged.

Why is skin care necessary?

Our skin loses its balance over time due to reasons such as UV rays, make-up, free radicals, smoking, stress and malnutrition. Taking care of the cleanliness and care of our skin, not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of health, is very beneficial in terms of preventing problems such as wrinkles and deformation that will occur as we age. Skin care is the most important factor in regulating the acidity of the skin, cleaning and tightening the pores.

Who should have skin care?

Even those who have no skin problems after the age of 20 are recommended to have skin care once a month. It is used for acne, acne treatment, cell repair, regulation of moisture, and reduction of fine lines.

What methods are used for skin care?

In addition to lunch-time peeling, chemical peeling, deep peeling that will clean the pores, which will not hinder the daily activities of the person, masks are applied to dry the pimples with serum, massage and acne according to the skin type and needs. It is sufficient to have skin care once a month for problem-free skin, and once every 15-20 days for acne problems in adolescence.

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