Innofacial Skin Care

Innofacial Skin Care
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It is the newest and most advanced method of reconstructing the skin surface. It is a hydradermabrasion method that provides a more beautiful skin by improving the appearance of the skin with processes such as simultaneous cleansing, peeling, deep comedones cleansing, moisturizing and antioxidant protection.

Working Mechanism

It has both mechanical and chemical peeling properties. It provides mechanical peeling with vacuum and special head designs, and chemical peeling with 3 different types of solutions.

Standard Vortex Head (Suitable for face and body use with large and small tip types)

Motorized Head (Suitable for face and body use with large and small tip types)

Lip augmentation not only allows you to have the desired shape and size of the lips, but also allows us to achieve the desired result in those with lip atrophy, those with traumatic problems in the lip area and those with very small lips.


• Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily and acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation and brown spots.

• It is safely applied to all skin types, including aged and thinned skin, sensitive skin, dry skin and oily skin.

• Can be combined with other skin treatments (Laser, RF, Microdermabrasion, LED, IPL) • Increases the quality of the skin surface. It shortens the cell renewal time.

• The skin tightens, moisturizes and shines.

• Provides skin protection with its antioxidant products.

• Increases epidermal and dermal density, elastin, collagen and fibroblast density.

• It purifies the skin from dead cells. Provides blackheads, comedones and intensive pore cleansing. (note: nevus acne is an exception)

• The application is painless.

• The procedure takes less time than conventional skin care. It saves time.

• It is hygienic as it is a non-contact application. Customer satisfaction is high. • Visible results are obtained.

• Does not cause irritation. It does not cause infection.

• It is recommended to do 1-2 weeks before medical treatment in patients with dense sebum to get better results.

• It eliminates the need for cabinet products with its 3 types of products.

• The effect of the operation with the waste tank is shared with the patient.


• The device is plugged in and turned on.

• Product bottles on the side caps are checked. If there is not enough product, it is filled.

• Waste tank is checked and any remains from the previous patient are emptied.

• A clean tip is attached to the head to be used.

• If there is make-up or dirt on the skin, it must be cleaned. Innofacial is applied to dry and clean skin. Makeup residue can clog the hoses.

• Select the product on the screen and press the START button on the screen.

• The optimum time for each product is 10 minutes. The process takes 30 minutes in total. This period may be extended or shortened when deemed necessary.

• After the process starts, product flow and vacuum are adjusted.

• Product flow and vacuum power are set high until the product reaches the nozzle tip. When the product starts to arrive, it is reduced to appropriate values.

• Usually 10% or 20% product flow will be sufficient until the maintenance is finished. In areas that need intense vacuum and less product, such as the nose wings, the product can be reduced to 0% and closed.

• The correct vacuum setting is determined by the patient's skin elasticity. The average pressure of 350 mmHg will be sufficient for the beginning. If the patient's skin reacts, this value must be reduced. It can be increased in areas that require deep cleaning.

• Application is done in the direction of lifting and muscle.

• Passing through the same area over and over may cause bruising on the patient's skin.

• While applying, the skin is stretched with the other free hand. In this way, the head moves more easily on the skin.

• When switching between products, first press the STOP button. Then the desired product is selected and the START button is pressed again.

• The product application sequence is IS2 – IS1 – IS3. If the skin is too dry, the IS2 phase is skipped, IS 1 and then IS3 are applied directly.

• Mask can be applied at the end of the procedure.

• Maintenance, the CLN solution is selected and the START button is pressed. For 3 minutes, the device cleans its hose system and turns itself off automatically.

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