Hair Laser Dermohairlaser

Hair Laser Dermohairlaser
: 2021-10-23 16:54:31
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It is the method of applying 4 pieces of 240 pieces of 960 cold diode laser lamps with a wavelength of 670 nm. Low level laser therapy (low-intensity laser therapy), ie LLL TREATMENT, increases the mitochondrial ATP energy levels to the cells, increasing the vascularization of the hair follicles, increasing the oxygenation, that is, the nutrition of the hair follicles.

With Dermo Hair Laser, the synthesis of collagen in the hair follicles increases, the renewal and self- repair mechanism of the hair follicles is activated at the cellular level, and the activation and increase of the growth factors that will prevent shedding is provided. It gives very effective results when applied at 90 hertz 9 joule doses.

As a result of applying 1 or 2 sessions in a week, 8-10 sessions in total, the effects will occur at the maximum level. The results start to be seen as of the 3rd week. Hair becomes stronger, thin hair strands become thicker, the visibility of the scalp decreases, the hair becomes healthier, shiny and rapidly growing. In addition, it stimulates the hair follicles and follicles, enabling the revival of dead hair strands and the formation of new hair strands.

There is no pain and no side effects. Hair transplant prp Blood Stem Cell Sanakin or Regenera activa hair stem cell - Autologous It can be applied in combination with micrograft.


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